Regional Prep! Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone broadcasts the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online on his new Twitch Channel while preparing for the Anaheim Regional Championships!

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Joshua Samora says:

Are you going to Anaheim?

Spicy 5Z says:


Leo Infinity says:


Justin Hartnett says:

You should do a tyranitar gardy. I made that last week and honestly it’s not a bad deck.

Jamesta James says:

I don’t know how you did school, work, and more work all at the same time lol. I’m doing part time while going to school to be a welder. All this to say- you have to be super strong willed, or you’re just naturally super smart, because even a part time job while going to school is hard for me lol. Love listening to these long streams while I do the book portion of welding. Keep it up and thanks for nearly daily content 🙂

Audis Turner says:

Do you think the 4 stage 2 deck from Japan could work in expanded with all the other good trainers and supporters?

Lukas Penner says:


Eric French says:

Will it be an “Otto win”

Dave-O da 3rd says:

Morning Andrew

Zino Wardenier says:

Hey, I just had this crazy deck idea. It came out of nowhere, but it looks kinda cool, I’d love some opinions on it. I’ve quickly made a decklist as well, obviously this isn’t THE perfect list as I built it quickly just so you’d roughly have an idea. Here’s the list:

2 Slugma
2 Magcargo GX
3 Inkey
3 Malamar
1 Alolan Vulpix
1 Alolan Ninetales (fairy one ofc)
1 Cosmog
1 Lunala GX
1 Cyndaquil
1 Typhlosion (the one from Lost Thunder)
1 Ditto Prism
1 Lycanroc (cuz why not)

4 Cynthia
3 Guzma
2 Acerola
2 Gladion (don’t wanna prize important things)
3 Nest Ball
3 Ultra Ball
2 Mysterious Treasure
4 Max Potion
4 Rare Candy
4 Body Building Dumbbells

1 Unit Energy Fighting, Fairy, Dark
9 Psychic Energy

The idea is as followed:
Magcargo GX is the main attacker, he discards energy and does a lot of damage for that. You’ll be discarding Psychic energy which Malamar can get back into play. With Dumbbells Magcargo has 250 HP. Lunala GX is there to move the Psychics so you can use Max Potions for free. The final piece of the puzzle is Typhlosion, who makes all your energies Fire so that you are able to attack. Ofcorse you need yo use this ability only right before you attack, otherwise Malamar and Lunala GX won’t work.
Ninetales is there to get the Rare Candies and Lycanroc is there cuz it’s fcking awesome and cuz Ditto Prism allows it. Supporters are obvious I guess. Acerola for the Ninetales of you need to, but can also be used on Magcargo or on Lycanroc GX if needed. Gladion in case you prize a piece of the puzzle, like Lunala GX or Typhlosion.
1 Unit energy if you want to use either Ninetales’ Sublimation GX or Lycanroc’s Dangerouse Rogue GX. And ofcore Psychic energies to use Malamar and Lunala GX, but Typhlosion makes then Fire to attack.

Plzz let me know what you think. I think it’s a really cool idea. But it had a lot of stage 2’s. Ninetales boosts consistansy tho…

Matt Gregg says:

With all the abilities in expanded being played right now, is Garbodor a good play right now?

Tyghe Grainger says:

Another nice video

Robert Cullen says:

Why not play the float stone on active buzzwole retreat to full art buzzwole and jet punch at 13:30? I guess streaming is distracting!

Jeffrey Nasty says:

20th also love you andrew

Marquise Ross says:

anyone have a rogue deck for me?

NDogg15 says:

You must have been so disappointed when you realized that you have to unlock characters in Ultimate.

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