REMATCH – Ultra Necrozma GX / Malamar vs Greninja GX / Zoroark GX – Pokemon TCG Table Top Game Play

Andrew Mahone plays Ultra Necrozma GX / Malamar vs Otto Balendran with Greninja GX / Zoroark GX in this Pokemon Trading Card Game table top game play video. Check out these brand new decks from the upcoming Pokemon TCG expansion, Forbidden Light, in action and let us know what you think of them in the comments below!

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4 Inkay
4 Malamar
3 Ultra Necrozma GX
1 Tapu Lele GX
1 Dawn Wings Necrozma GX
1 Oranguru (SUM)
1 Lunala Prism
2 Mew (FCO)

4 Professor Sycamore
3 N
3 Guzma
3 Cynthia
1 Lillie

4 Ultra Ball
4 Mysterious Treasure
3 Float Stone
3 Field Blower
2 Professor’s Letter
1 Super Rod

8 Psychic Energy
3 Metal Energy
1 Beast Energy

4 Froakie
3 Frogadier (FLI)
3 Greninja GX
4 Zorua
4 Zoroark GX
3 Tapu Lele GX

3 N
3 Guzma
3 Cynthia
3 Brigette
1 Mallow
1 Acerola

4 Ultra Ball
3 Timer Ball
3 Field Blower
3 Choice Band
2 Aqua Patch
1 Float Stone
1 Rescue Stretcher
4 double colorless
4 water


Captain Mallard says:

I feel like Dawn wings is key in this deck even when playing against zoroak. Maybe play it with altar of the moon too, you just always need to be able to get to the bench and then back to the active

Realest MC says:

Is there a reason why Otto is playing the Froakie with bubble instead of the new one with 70hp?

Classy Rayquaza says:

Andrew will you be going to Madison regional

Brian Sciarratta says:

Andrew the gameplay and camera work is second to none at this point. Extremely creative and a lot of fun to watch. Keep up the great work

Jamesta James says:

But will there be a rematch for the title of PokeKing?

TheBacoNation says:

Dude Mahomie love the tabletop setup u got going it looks amazing especially with the cards on the side of the screen

Richie Rich says:


thepeterpot says:

All Otto had to do to win was shadow stitch :O Does he not run the shadow stitch greninja??

tdog1926 says:

Yes! Super stoked to see this given the issue with the last game that went up. Always love to see some table top games for breakfast!

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Love this set up

Derrick Heinemann says:

Don’t you have to discard the Beast Energy because it’s technically a Psychic energy while attacking?

PCourie: Stuck in Alohaville says:

Yes! Necrozma Comeback!

Eeveelutions8 says:

Hey Andrew I hope you do more TCGO gameplay as I am not a fan of table top game play.

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Hey can we play greninja GX with Buzzwole?



Suraj Aggarwal says:

That Greninja Zoroark Deck seems like a worse/clunky version of Decidueye Zoroark. While the other deck is a better Ray Eels deck

Josh Freeman says:

These tabletop games are amazing!! The setup is perfect!! The decks are spicy!!! You guys are killin it!!!

Mount Mount says:

Think the Greninja Zoroark deck could be adjusted like taking out the 3rd Brigette for 1 parallel city maybe?

A D V G Y M says:

Anybody who’s worried about Ultra Squids play 2 or More Parallel City.. you’ll win. Seriously, Like Every-time.

Connor Dupee says:

If Mahone would have used Necrozmas GX attack instead of promoting the mew, he would’ve have ko’d all of otto’s pokemon at the time and won, they all had 60 hp. That’s why you test though.

Danny says:

You forgot to shuffle your deck after playing Ultra Ball for the second Malamar

Pablo Paredes says:

Greninja GX must be paired with Glaceon GX and Devolution Spray, not with Zoroark GX!!!!!

CaveguyTCG says:

At first I wasn’t a fan of the Idea of Greninja when I first saw it. After seeing it in play I definitely wanna give it a shot. Looks like a lot of fun

Bobby Garcia says:

When VirGen was big everyone was still playing rush in Kaldeo so I don’t see the difference in playing dawn wings tbh ps…..Andrew is bae

Zach Vassar says:

Both of these decks look like so much fun to play, im also excited for naganadel GX. Should be an awesome set.

Matt Gregg says:

Solid tapletop setup, should be great for that tournament your planning.

Taf Toc says:

Everything looks good, great content!

SimplyGaming says:

Saying that I’m truly stoked is a m-

Jamesta James says:

No cheatin this time :p The people on stream are the hygiene police. I’m the cheat police lol.

Chris Haines says:

I actually think it’s a good idea to allow each other to go back and make the best play possible (ie instruct and going back in with mallow). Showing off the decks is most important.

Jordan Peterson says:

Why no Brigette?

KashMann27 says:

Alright, so the deck can work. I’ve been telling my friend it’s got potential and he doesn’t believe me but now I’ve got the proof here! 🙂

Calian Production's says:

I love these videos please make more!

Riley Hulbert says:

The hero can’t win every chapter of the story. U_U Sometimes the villain needs to snag a W too. We love you Otto!! #ottobots

John Cook says:

Was watching the new Jumanji movie last night and one guy said “stoked” twice in the same scene! Was super stoked to hear other people using the word.

joshua vanwagner says:

I really wanna make lando bats version of buzzwole greninja

Anthony Serido says:

Really loving these table-top vids! Inspired me to get back into the tcg. Keep it up!

Havathaught says:

Zygarde-GX/Bonnie next?

Jack Muad'Dib says:

I know Ultra Nercozma is the new thing, but im not convinced it’s what you want to partner Malamar with. Nercozma GX attack is easier to set up and use since you can max elixir on the energy. Plus it’s GX attack is just flat out better, imo. Maybe the deck will benefit from having one Ultra N as an different weakness attacker, and to have an alternate GX attack, but, Mostly should be using Nercozma GX as it’s front line fighter. Wdyt?

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