Reshiram GX / Ho oh GX – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Paden Richard’s Reshiram GX / Ho oh GX deck on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online in this PTCGO gameplay video. Can these new Dragon Majesty Cards make Ho oh good?! Watch and find out!

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PGHEWrexham says:


Ehtesham Amjad says:


Brett Fett says:

Noivern GX/Altaria, but for the noivern run the Noibat from Forbidden light? Loads of disruption and decent damage

TheRealFatSickBoot says:

You could run a variation of speed entei with this in expanded. It would be dope with Victini as well. It should be possible to hit a Phoenix burn without kiawe?

Eka Singh says:

could u try make a deck like this but with volcanion in expanded?

Isaiah Jarmulowski says:

Great games love the vids

Tanish Sachdeva says:

I love the idea of this deck. Hey Andrew try a meme deck. It is noibat from forbidden light and garbodor. It works well.

Jacob Schlinkert says:

Mahone mahone mahone. Play Stephane’s 40th place philly list if you want to play ho-oh

totally toads says:

Fatkid123 the 3rd match was tord reklev

BlazingAura97 says:

Is there anyway to make Alolan Ninetales GX (Guardians Rising) work in this format that doesn’t involve Zoroark?

Jamie Withofs says:

It won a cup a couple of weeks ago in Belgium

Samson Drake says:

the last game was vs tord

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Hey mahone can u do some table top matches plz

Vince Todero says:

Where can I find this decklist?? I have been dying to find a deck to use my Dragon Majesty cards in.

Brad Leibold says:

Reshirams non gc attack is the bees knees in thes non hx matchups

Dave-O da 3rd says:

Morning Andrew

jakebecker350 says:

Xerneas gardevoir whoops this deck

Yarden Segal says:

bless all the fire Pokemon

Deuce Loosely ptcg says:

Never laugh at ur own pun!!!!!!

Peyton VandenHoek says:

You should play slaking macargo with koko

Ben Wilson says:

My friend lost to him at the cup. It was pretty explosive

Nick Nater says:

Wow… That last game was brutal. I flipped outta my chair when he topped all of those cards

NOAVIER the Gamer says:

Please play more metagross

Sander says:

I think you want to start reshiram and use Kiawe. Use it´s GX attack and then accelerate to Ho-h.

Josiah Reyes says:

Which league cup was it? This looks like the list that kicked my butt in Corpus.

Gengar says:

Good games at pokecon BTW!

Benjamin Lee says:

Dang this deck hits hard and fast. I gotta try it

Charmander 99OG says:

Lele, then Olivia, bam two more GX’S to power up

pin head says:

What does pokenav do

Prestige Pokemon says:

Looks like an Amazing deck

The Casual Tcg says:

As a Ho-Oh player I was like: Dont play those cards yet!!! Your just asking for a knock out!!!!

Ethan Webber says:

Wasn’t that Tord playing Buzzroc

Alex McCorkindale says:

I thought it was a joke when you said “I hope they don’t have choice band, devoured field, kukui”. That was disgusting to watch

ForTheWinTCG says:

May need to lower the facecam a tad, great video though 😀

Derrick Heinemann says:

Isn’t the user FatKid123 in game 2 Tord Reklev?

Mtn Sound says:

I think you overlooked reshiram a lot 🙁

Sceptilian Groove says:


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