ROCK HARD | Pokémon Trading Card Game #5 | ProJared Plays

This is the Pokémon Trading Card Game! Not the actual card game, but the Game Boy Color game! It’s the TCG from back when it was still actually good. I’ve never played this before, but I’ve heard good things and I want to give it a shot.

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necrocloudchan says:

Jared!! Jared!!! Exeggitor is BUSTED!!

Elijah Quigley says:

Psychic fire colorless for the fun of it or whatever?

J Robs says:

4/2/1 for evolution is a trap. Ultimately when you have the cards you’ll want to have either 4/4/4 or 4/some ratio of breeders to stage 1s/4

Gerrion says:

22:03 – AI, why didn’t you place that Fighting energy unto Growlithe as to allow is Flare attack, since he had a fire energy already?

Sigh… what’s the point of having a rival that isn’t goo… nay, COMPETENT in the first place?…

Mizucho_Lizu says:

I would love to see you use that gastly line!

Adam Vidlak says:

I need more! Haha

Gavin Clark says:

Play izzet
Or gruul tribal goblins

…wait wrong tcg

PalladiumPorcupine says:

electric/rock deck

Michael Ayala says:

Psychic with a splash of something!

Reece AFC says:

Damn that like/dislike ratio – killing it Jared!

Ryan Pinkus says:

You got that gengar, so you might do well with some spychic stuff. 😀

Nintennerd / N10NRD says:

Psychic deck would be cool with that Gengar but I dont think you have any Ghastlys 😛

Barbabun says:

Crushing it!!

Alton Grange J.R. says:


zerozanmato says:

I’d recommend checking the challenge hall after each medal obtained to check for the tournament’s. I don’t recall the game telling you when they happen.
The fighting club is interesting to challenge, quite a hit harder than rock for sure.

Zetru says:

I want to see you play an actual BUG DECK. Get all those water pokemon out, get more grass pokemon, fight some grass trainers to get more grass energy! If you don’t have enough grass pokemon you can put some normal pokemon in. Green is the way to go 😛

Rafael Nascimento says:

I want to see you play that Gengar

Zack Ashy says:

Would love for you to build a Gengar deck!!

holystars says:

18:10 is lapras weak to grass – just face palm

Crimson Phoenix says:

try playing and winning with a completely nonsensical goofy deck :>

OfficerDk says:

Fire/Psychic deck would be cool

Keegan Stahl says:

Psychic deck would be pretty sick

Bristlefurr says:

Ive never run a grass or bug deck, and neither do I use grass or bug pokemon in-game, so I’m really enjoying this playthrough with the deck you have.

Daniel Kallsen says:

Best Simic Deck!

TheWoWisok says:

More Bug.

mistriousfrog says:

psychic deck

Zephyare says:

I actually really like that Tangela card, it’s like a better Caterpie with more HP so it’s a good para-stall (1 energy for 10 damage and a chance to paralyze and a decent 50 HP pool) tactic while you build up your bench, and if you have energy to spare, a good para-poision stall combo is great, got me out of more tight scrapes than I care to admit

Infinity Master says:

Walk the same path that *Master RED* walked! Go for *fire!*

Hal Ryder says:

In case you haven’t already noticed, Ronald’s deck is absolute bollocks. He has pokemon and energy of every type, so he may have all the basics in the world, but no energy to actually use them.

Louis Reeve says:

Fire deck, lets use that Moltres 🙂

PironeCreation says:

Hey Jared! I’m glad to see you’re playing the old pokemon tcg. Why not look up pro builds of pokemon decks used in that era of pokemon? I played it every week as a kid, and something I remember 100% is that the strongest pokemon cards were Scyther, Electabuzz, and Hitmonchan. All sturdy 70 hp pokemon that have effectively low costed moves and no evolutions to gum up the deck. One card you have in the game that REALLY surprised me that you weren’t using was Computer Search. A bad hand + computer search is always keepable, fetch up a professor oak and you get to index through your deck to figure out what prizes you had.

Also note: the string of coin flips is predetermined, so putting trainer cards with coin flips will affect the next coin flip. (If your opponent has a coin flip paralysis move, it would have the result of whatever coin flip you get).

Leanne Rankin says:

I’d wanna see a Fossil deck if you could make it work 🙂

Денис Симонов says:

Make psy deck!

David Patrick says:

Take out the water and put some ghost into your bug deck. Gengar is awesome!

Also, I cannot wait to see you reaction to Imakuni?

Esper says:

Do a spooky scary psychic deck tbh

raekuul says:

that promo jigglypuff though… isn’t it part of a stall strategy?

Hiushisan says:

I want you to make a Psychic deck so you can use that sweet gengar you got!

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