New Pokemon card tins from Team Up have been added to the game with special tag team Pokemon! Opening Pokemon cards from the entire set of these new game items! So many Pokemon booster packs so let’s see if we pull ULTRA RARE Pokemon cards from these Sun and Moon sets! Having so much fun with these Pokemon tins!

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Michael Pickering says:

Hi I love your vids so much

Owen Bell says:

Solego and lunale

Dhanmaya Sherchan says:

Cool videos man

Ada Pyle says:

Latvia’s and latois

joey latch says:

Yes 420 comment

Zairul Nazmy says:

I love that new tin. I hope i can buy one

Eric Rhoads says:

Nice video.

Cinderstar95 says:

It makes me sad to say but I honestly think that these tins are not good. I wanted them to be good but I haven’t seen good pulls out of them anywhere and for 25$? It’s a bit overpriced to get four nonholo rares. The promo just is not worth that

Unthinkable TDM says:

Guess what I have a netball match I will tell you if I win

Zachary King says:

Pikachu Pikachu and Eevee

Aaron rocks Hogenson says:

Today is my birthday today

Jay Chavez says:

I got this card yesterday

musical gaming says:

I got a Latios and Latias GX, melmetal GX box so I mean that cool. If anyone’s watching this video please like this so I can feel better cuz I’m sick right now.

Tito lim says:

Who can deliver me lot’s of pokemon cards for free?

Binh Vuong says:

Zecrom and pikachu

Xx mia xX says:

Hey I just wanted to tell u that your a great YouTuber and I think u r awesome so don’t stop until your the very best

Dragon Topia says:

Latias and Latios gx tag team tin

Grace Bodine says:

I like digimon. It’s perfectly okay to like both Pokemon and Digimon. 😉

Maggie Webb says:

can you do a battle with Marie

lego master person surper algo master person says:

I pulled a rainbow rare gx and Mr. Mime in the snorelex tin

Kuba Winkowski says:

I love your vide

Alex Gamer says:


Victor Garcia says:

What’s the GX tag team marker used for? Cause I bought one oh these tins. Loved it of course. Got Latios & Latias Tag team.

Zubaida Khanum says:

Ur so!! Lucky

no2kkk says:

I am so sad that they didnt do a Gengar & Mimikyu version of these… Gengar is my all-time fave pokemon, it’s ironic and somewhat destined – my surname is Mort (Morty’s Gengar)

Edgar Carrasco says:

Greninja and Goodra is a good team

gary way says:

pikachu and zekrom sylveon and pikachu

Tito lim says:

RealBreakingNate I love your videos

Eric Rhoads says:

Eevee & snorlax gx is the one I need!


I was opening the old box and I got a hyper rare wishiwashi couple of years ago

Andrei JohANNE says:

Next time plz do melmetal gx box,I wanna see that video so badly just plz.

Sakchham Thapa says:

Ever day after coming to home i watch your videos i love your videos keep going # realbreaking nate

Mantis Toboggan says:

Favorite part of this vid was when you gave the last tin’s booster packs a little *mixy mixy* and then put them back in the same order I had to do a double take and it made me laugh out loud keep up the great work!

Flaming Ice says:

i finaly joined the group

Jennyvi Pastor says:

Do you clemonts Luxray EX

Ruth Miser says:

Great Video & Tins! … I think my fave combo will be eevee & snorlax! ^.^ tho that promo art isn’t a fave of mine hehe

Gloria Espiritu says:

Evee and vinasor

Wades blades says:

The quality of the promos are outstanding in these tins.

Oraphin Thongpoonkaew says:

U don’t need a rare u are the rare

Damian says:

I wait for detective pikachu cards but sad that no secret rare in this set 🙁

Andrewhef says:
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