Super Fuego!! The Best Charizard Ever Printed – EPIC Finale!!!

Andrew Mahone shows off his new Charizard deck from Team Up in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Gameplay video. Do you think there has ever been a better Charizard card than this one?


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Finest Gentlemen says:

why not use Victini prism to shuffle energy in to deck, could get a prize card ?

Liam Kiyashka says:

I want to see your new decedueye list post team up

Natalie Shampay says:


BlackinOut 27 says:

I’ve been doing 11 energy with 2 recyclers

Miguel HM says:

Plz play a empoleon deck

Scott Hall says:

OMG F***** never punished Mahone does it again.

George M. says:

Flareon-GX with Charizard is true fire.

Harold Kok says:

I do use 2 rainbow energy for my ninetales because the gx attack is to good not to use and if it’s stuck in the active its useless without energy on it so.

Pyre Dynasty says:

Yeah, I broke a poor girl’s brain with the zard at the prerelease.

Jaq says:

I feel like a 2x Lure Ball tech could be better than timer ball in combination with ultra ball

Zino Wardenier says:

I really don’t get why these Charizard decks aren’t playing Victini Prism. This is now the 5th vid about this Charizard I’ve watched and non of them use Victini. Aren’t they made for each other?? Charizard discards the fire, Victini does extra damage for each discarded energy and makes you shuffle them back into your deck, that way you can use then again with Charizard. I just don’t get why people aren’t playing it. It’s just 1 card and it could make such a difference

Clinton Matos says:

Attacking through confusion, the absolute madman.


The Victini Prism Star puts energy back into the deck and does 20x each energy put back in. Pretty good since Charizard doesnt always need an attachment. Max potion also helps Charizard heal up a bit if you get hit or take too much damage from the ability

Sam Davis says:

I think you were super over cautious about your energy count the first game. You had an extremely precise amount of energy you needed to win and there was no scenario where that would be different.

ArtyFarts says:

Why do u have 4 diff Lillie’s in ur deck lol

King Mandrake says:

Andrew, I’m playing the meganium version because i think its better. It allows you to not be dependant over rare candy (except for meganium), and then have it for free every turn, and can evolve directly. I also play a max potion and wondrous labyrinth. You attack most of the time for 3 energy anyway. And it happened like every game that charizard is left with 10 hp, and i had to kill it myself. Max potion reset the whole charzard. Which is somewhat of a pain

Neriyahu says:

Okay Andrew! I see ya with your thumbnail upgrades. They look great!

Alec Ward says:

Victini prism works really well in this deck. It’s a way to hit hard and get energy back in deck

Spicie says:

Have you considered using victini prism star as an alternate attacker and a way to recycle energy?

greg dahl says:

Play victini prism with this deck. You’ll never worry about energy. Blaziken (non gx) is helpful too

Spicy 5Z says:

40K!!! #Roadto50

Juha-Matti Santala says:



Yo Mahone 40k I was here since 9k

Nicholas Slager says:

1st to like

Citizen Fry says:

Clutch play at the end there…. So good

ReplayStation says:

I see the light with Lost March. That first match was feels bad for the other guy for sure. I have lost so many matches with Lost March just because Elm isn’t consistent and it doesn’t set up. Nuzzle March is SO much better. It just sets up so much more consistently.

PokeFortress says:

Charizard ex FLF was a lot better, it even got 2nd at US Nationals :s

Caleb Brink says:

Magcargo GX with this deck would be a fun thing to do, 6 energy 1 turn

jjmmos says:

Yo gotta love the charizards.

Number Six says:

I’ve been testing your last Lost March deck with ditto PS and Machoke instead of Erika’s and it draws absolute fire! If they were using your list you would be behind right away for sure against that lost march deck.

Loving Net ball though in their list too. Gonna swap out nest ball for that as the list I have does have trouble getting a grass attachment when needed.

Vincent Cheong says:

Can I have the deck list? I try to build a deck around charizard and I lose a lot of games.

Charles Stephenson says:

A well timed victini prism energy switch has worked well for me

Esteban Fernandez says:

What do you think about charizard list of Eric from Rare Candy with pidgeotto? Counter energy count double damage? Victini prism ?

DareDevle11 Gaming says:

30:01 he sounded like a Minecraft steve

Harold Kok says:

Got 2 variations of this deck, gx and non gx and love them both its amazing

Chase Varnell says:

Deck list plz

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