Table Top Pokemon – Gardevoir GX vs Golisopod GX / Zoroark GX – TCG Game Play

Natalie Shampay (@natakazam) plays Golisopod GX / Zoroark GX vs Riley Hulbert’s (@smileswithriles) Gardevoir GX in this Pokemon Trading Card Game table top game play. Who will prevail in this standard format battle? Watch and find out!


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Supreme player5 says:

Hey amazing video

Riley Hulbert says:

Now accepting donations of Fairy energy. Now you too can help a starving Gardevoir.

Shawn THE MARK IV says:

Great video!

Kaleb Higbee says:

Are tabletop games gonna be a regular occurance?

Kelly Weir says:

This is so awesome. Thank you guys for the videos

EpicJohn says:

I love this so much, please post more, great content!

F BT says:


Johnathan Lopez says:

Loving the tabletops , i need more in my life .

Derek Theiss says:

Andrew, I bet your students like you 🙂

Stuff Stuff says:

Gardevoir is awesome then zoroark comes in OOF

Justin Huynh Diep says:

I feel good idea to put moderate music in the background. A little bit bland just hearing the voicesbimo lol

David Mosquera says:

Love the table top games. And enjoy the commentary. Definitely good for beginners to start to learn patterns and such in the game. Thank you!

Number Six says:

Always fun to watch a good come back like that.

Poke' Apocalypse says:

I love the Table Top plays guys!! ^_^

Pokemon Master/Nintendo Gamer says:

can u show the golisiopod zoro list

Regice Plays says:

Best playmat ever

carlos triana says:

Is raely the test subject??

anthony martinez says:

Tabletop games are so fire!!!! Brining the heat with your new super stoked mats as well!

Richie Rich says:


ShoeCake says:

My name is Riley lol

PokémonBro business says:

,Another one,(DJ Khalid ) but yeh I love these

carlos triana says:

Could you face zoruark / lyncanrock vs bulu/ vikavolt?? Amd btw great video love the comeback from natakazam

Dawn Wings Necrozma says:


Khari Perkins says:

Why don’t you ever do the events? 3 round mode on PTCGO?? I feel like that would be super interesting long but interesting.

Taylor Marzuco says:

I’m gonna side with Natalie on this one. Not the biggest Zoroark fan either lol

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Mahone, you are the best. Lovely match and the best competitive content. Loved it!

purpleturtle says:

Managed to knock out a clean Gardevoir with a watch and learn Sudowoodo the other day. Still lost the game but it was a lot of fun.

Jack Muad'Dib says:

1:04, Heart of the cards!? Don’t you mean you should trust in your Pokemon? Epic favor fail! Lol

Jack Merucci says:

Love tabletop!!

okRoses says:

Out of the current theme decks that you can buy on PTCGO right now. Which one would you say is the best or your favorite?

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