TalonFlame Break | Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Wifi Battles [TCGO] w/ ShadyPenguinn

ShadyPenguinn does Pokemon Trading Card Game [TCGO] battles! Always starts our and ends with pack openings, searching for rare cards! Give me tips, and grow alongside me!

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Andrew Adames says:

please run genesect ex bronzong break deck. metal link is so cool. I really want to play it myself but I have literally no way of getting the cards

Rossana says:

That Tetris theme tho

Fleecy Sheep says:

Oh god Talonflame is even coming to make lives hell in the TCG

Ginger Kitsune94 says:

can you move your camera to the other side so we can see your deck info.

Christian Turner says:

The Packs?

Kailash Ram says:

i love pokemons like gx ex basics pokemon cards by umay

Kailash Ram says:

i got a talonflame break by umay

Odhran Rowley says:

how can you verify your email i click send the link and i dont get it

Dr J says:

How about the team that won the 2016 WC? I heard it was really interesting..

ChilliNick021 says:

Talonflame Break has worked pretty well for me and I’ve been running a budget deck (no Shaymins). Small tip: Run the Fletchling from the Generations expansion (RC25). That way if you open with only a Fletchling you can at least bench another two to help you get up and running 🙂

ThePureInstinct says:

I am loving this TCGO!

Kizhaz says:

TCG is so hard for me to follow. Everything just passes by so fast.

TheB0a says:

what happened when shady got “Styled on.” what went on

Xavier Jordaan says:


CoopScoop007 says:

Roses are red
Clowns are near
We would be safe if harambe is here

Raspy Bo says:

Umm… is there supposed to less of flechinder

Fit Kísto says:

shady how do you get so much boosters/coins

Lewis Ferry says:

This is why you run 4 sycamore

Serpens Viktorijewicz von Arma says:

Shady, regarding decks I’d like to see you play: Volcanion toolbox: Volcanion-EX, Baby Volcanion and various basic fire attackers(Flareon, Charizard, Entei)

Kronman590 says:

huh thought talonflame was used only for greninja break haha, did you watch worlds tcg? that was the american deck, but rip he didnt get talonflame either game turn 1

Matt Dopez says:

I wish you still uploaded these Shady! I love them!!

Ilya Alexander says:

I am copying your deck!!! Talonlame break!

Ninja Boy TCG says:

Charizards duh

Nick Jozwiak says:


xDHippy says:

wheres my wifi battle shady?
im getting worried.

Victor Vasquez says:

You def need volcanion in there in order to make it valid

Professor Chas says:

The reason they AZ’d the Vileplume was so they could play their own Item cards, then replay Vileplume (via the Forest of Giant Plants) to block your Items again.

donato tovar says:

Hey Shady, i’ve been watching your vids for a while and one that video that can be awesome is like a TCG Tutorial, i’ve wanted to start playing but don’t know the basic strategies. Love the Vids

LePokéRoi says:

You should play 4 burning energy in this deck and more draw supporters. You could cross reference your decks with DarkIntegralGaming because he built a deck like this and he has a tad more experience. And I’d love to see a Mega Scizor/Garbodor deck!

Olavi Kiuru says:

If you just want to use the Talonflame card then I’d suggest trying it in a Greninja Break deck like the one that got second at worlds in the masters division. When it comes to your Talonflame Break deck I’d recommend making it a much more turbo deck. Battle Compressor and Blacksmith would be very good but if you want the deck to be legal post-rotation then something like the regular Volcanion would work well. I’d also recommend running a lot more Shaymin-EX just for the draw power. This is a deck that wants to set up very fast and always have a back up Talonflame Break ready incase the active one falls. I’m no TCG expert but those are my tips for the deck, hope it helps!

Stung by Beedrill says:

Talonflame by itself is gonna be the next shaymin

nicholas northrup says:

a set I have been playing with lately is a florgeus ex deck. 20 more damage for every grass or fairy you have in play. normal bench maxes out at 120 damage, but with sky field it goes up to 180 max

Harry Burnley says:

with the talon flame break anyway

89diplomat says:

i really like this deck. I kinda wanna make it IRL

yabdiel Carmona says:

Nice vid shady!!! man u got bodied the last two games!!! #shadypeople #keepitshady #tcgo

JR Judy says:

Hey Shady, have you been having issues with TCGO crashing when you try to edit decks? Been trying to take your advice on some decks but everytime I start to build, it crashes on me.

Zibskii says:

Shady, I thought I’d let you know that recently I’ve been doing my a Nuzlocke on SoulSilver, and I almost lost the game due to Present Delibird.

Certain Gloom says:

ShadyPenguinn, you should do a Momotaro aka “Peach Boy” themed 3 on 3 Pokemon build.
Using Pokemon based on a Pheasant, Dog, and Monkey.

Rescue Dog says:

hey shady i know this is gonna get lost in the comments but i just wanted to say how much i appreciate your work getting daily vids i remember you making 10k subs and being so happy about it and now youve gotten so far. i just want to thank you for always managing to put a smile on my face . keep it up!

Fit Kísto says:

does anyone know the best tactic to earn boosters fast … i love this game but i havent that much time for it

Patzy says:

do a rival lock again soon? that was so fun

Peyton Wallace says:

Use mega latios with clawitzer

Matthew Di-Stefano says:

i have a gold enhanced hammer in card real life is that good or not?

DrewBlood Gaming says:

Shady you should put in mega Houndoom and then a fourth burning energy

Harry Burnley says:

Shady run rattata and raticite break it works really well

Wounded Wales says:

Hey Shady we should battle sometime.

Raspy Bo says:

And I think you should get team magmas canerupt

bob_hill says:

Keep these coming! love it

TheDigimonDude says:


Cinos Charles says:

Why was talon flame played without evolution is that new

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