Tapu Bulu GX / Vikavolt vs 2x Random Opponents – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Tapu Bulu GX / Vikavolt vs Buzzwole GX / Lycanroc GX and Greninja BREAK on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online in this PTCGO game play video.

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PokemonTCG Lover says:

Andrew wat do u think og greninja gx (4-4-4) zoroark (2-2)? Wait 1000 packs out of COLLECTION BOXES???!!!

Poke Cousins says:

I’m starting out my Pokémon TCG deck and so far I have edited my Empoleon deck so do u think I should build a better deck or no?

Tim Melton says:

The funny thing is, I think the Greninja player at the end could have made a comeback if he didn’t concede. Since you were out of Guzma and would’ve need to discard to KO the Fini (unless you hit Choice Band off the Sycamore), he could have essentially trapped that Bulu in that Active position with Shadow Stitching while trying to KO the Benched Bulu with Water Shurikens.

He was probably under the impression that you played 4 Guzma, and figured that kind of stall strategy wouldn’t save him.

al san says:

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Braiden Wilson says:

50th, can you pls play more paw patrol and Greninja????

Corey Pais says:

First deck I ever built, so much love for Bulu! #EnjoiBulu

Andy Harris says:

I added a 1/0/1 Shining Legends Venasaur to my Bulu deck and I love it 🙂

joshua bender says:


Poke Cousins says:

Also can I have some free online codes from like ur 1,000 pack openings?

James Clark says:

I made it up to table 3 at Portland and lost to this deck. Crazy consistent!

Aussie trash says:


Soccer Monster says:


dexer says:

List for bulu?

ReplayStation says:

dang, i may switch back to Bulu Volt from Dusk Mane Magnezone

Richie Rich says:


Ethan Ng says:

Can you play Guzzlord gx please

BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india says:

i got a 100% win ratio with 50 matches played with this game well on ptcgo.

Dr. Oreo says:

Of you pin this you don’t got to buy me a sticker pack @AndrewMahone

Pokemon Master/Nintendo Gamer says:

Most powerful grubbin ever……….vice grip for 100 Broken

Mystic 64 says:

Stream a tournament battle at some point

Riley Hulbert says:

Andrew out here BOOLIN on these guys with BULU. Those poor little frogs didn’t stand a chance in the face of the man, the myth, the judge appointed by Nature itself, Tapu Bulu. Our boy Mahone wields the Strong Charge with such poise and dexterity though that he can even attack with GRUBBIN!!! #mahomies

Tyghe Grainger says:


cochiselol1232 says:

I hate greninja so much.

ArtyFarts says:

Is the orangru or octullary better?

The Lion's Mane says:

1/1 Lillie/Brigette split ftw

Metagross Authority says:

oof that buzzrock layer deaddrawed SO HARD in the first game :O

ashiqur rahman says:

Love your teaching and strategy skills on all videos.

High Kicks Asian says:

Is this the same list from the deck profile or has it been updated with new cards?

PokemonTCG Lover says:

Mahone i was just playin garchomp lucario on ptcgo, hit a mewtwo ex (weak to psychic) with lele, and no weakness was applied! Error! Bulu is my 1st deck, currently playing it wth 1-1 zoroark gx

Taylor Marzuco says:

As someone who despises Greninja, I cant wait to see their deck lose to Bulu

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