Team Up! Top 10 Pokemon Cards

Andrew Mahone reveals his Top 10 Pokemon Cards from Team Up! Did your favorite Tag Team Pokemon make the list? Get the inside scoop on powerful new Tag Team Pokemon like Eevee & Snorlax GX or Pikachu & Zekrom GX!


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Yul Gweon says:

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! MAHONE VIDEO!

Mike Gibbs says:

I think one of the best cards in the set is absol because of its ability to add a retreat cost which creates so many issues for jirachi decks.

regirayquaza says:

Even when Shaymin, Sky Field, and Rayquaza get rotated out, Shaymin and Rayquaza still find a way to work together.

ForeverRanger 91 says:

Looks like that Jirachi promo is going to be pricey. So many good cards in this set.

Jameson Casey says:


Oliver Ahola says:

Magikarp and Wailord GX is not really Team Up card, it is promo that you can only get from the box.

Hunter Thorne says:

This video feels VERY scripted, its cool if you have some notes, but if you read from a script its less interesting

Pokgi-World says:

always love these videos , love this series this is just so helpful for pokemon lovers and pokemon beginner

Jameson Casey says:

Favorite person from deriums pokemon :DDD

Matt Gregg says:

Black Market Prism and Viridion Forest are much better than Charizard in terms of playability. Also, imo. Erika’s hospitality is the best card in the set, as it’s this years Cynthia.

Havathaught says:

Erika’s Hospitality belongs at #1.

Zzone [Level 19 Twink] says:

I don’t think jarashi will be that good since it has to be in your active position. But I could be wrong

Max Dubs says:

Great list mahone but imo that zapdos is just a little too high on the list,yes its good,yes its top 10, but it was only doing so well in japan before tag teams we released after that its seen a HUGE decrease in play. Just to 2 shot tag teams you need to make it vecome active every turn and have a choice band plus minimum 1 electro power each attack and even with jirachi its not as good as before which is why it should be lower on the list again imo. And what about mimikyu gengar? Maybe instead if shaymin? Shaymin is great as well but is most likely gonna see play in 1 deck (rayquaza) while mimikyu gengar can be played on its own as a deck or be teched in just for the gx attack or in malar lists or lists with just 1 rainbow and just because of the fact that itll see play in a VARIETY of decks while shaymin will be most probably ONE deck then with more playability its arguably better!

Sal Waterman says:

Really nice editing

Ethan Kibbey says:

No Ampharos – GX? Okay. I can see why. I personally think I will try to run Ampharos in the TCGO. He’s nice with Alolan Ninetales and packs a wallop for a low cost.

Legend Gotta Catch Em All says:

I’ll destroy any deck with night march/zebstrika. #justbringit

Weeby Whimsicott says:

Love the video, but I think you’re undermining Pikachu/Zekrom GX

Tanish Sachdeva says:

The video was awesome. Loved it

Poker Jedi says:

Question: With most of the good Pokemon cards from this set (Evee/Snorlax, Pikachu/Zekrom, Jirachi, Tapu Koko Prism) having a weakness to fighting, do you see Buzzwole decks becoming good again?? Paired with the fact that Zoroark is still very popular would seem to make Buzzwole a popular play again. I’ve been playing a simple Buzz/Roc deck with no vulpix/ninetales and having pretty good success on PTCGO!!

Cody James says:

Hey Mahone, Full Grip Games is sponsoring Derium’s 1k pack for Team Up.. This is one “Circle Of Life” moment.

thatguy00271 says:

This is a great set

Spicy 5Z says:

Lavender Town???

Burger Games says:

Great vid man, Great vid❤️

Me-me Mae-Mae says:

I bought 100 packs (50 lost thunder, 50 celestial storm) off Deriums last night and ended up pulling a rainbow/hyper rare alolan nine tales and traded for 3 Zoroarks. Can’t wait to play them

Jamesta James says:

I don’t think Ultra Ball will get a reprint. I think Pokemon Communication is what’s going to take its place.

Number Six says:

Holy crap, Andrew is Hyped!

ArtyFarts says:

Hurray he’s back! Will we be seeing any pre releases? I went to my first ever this weekend and lost every round except one and that was a rematch. (To be fair I only played 3 games.)

Local Maple says:

Are Kabutops and Omastar in Team Up?

In Expanded:
Go Second. Lead A-Vulpix, get Chikorita on the bench, Beacon for Meganium and A-Ninetales-GX.
A-Ninetales-GX searches your Rare Candy and a Timer Ball/Fossil. Korrina searches out your Fossil and a Stage 2 Kabutops/Omastar from Team Up. Instant Trainer lock.

Pyre Dynasty says:

MagiLord is just the kind of card I love. I’ve always been a fan of splash damage, plus it’s the kind of huge card that warps the format.

FortniteMemes 3000 says:

Hey Mahone how you been I love the set went to a pre release

himako39 says:

please do more videos like this, it’s really informative for newcomers

Sora Paopu says:

can they get some new pokemon to be META? like we get it …shaymin…tapu koko ..jirachi etc… we’ve seen them for years. can we get like milotic and cool pokemon like that to shine?!

Jenneng Moua says:

Loved the vid 1 card I recommend that people should look into is the regular zoroark in the set which I believe is a vespequeen like card

Tricky Gym says:

Make sure to check out the TEAM UP Prerelease at Full Grip Games tonight! Streaming starts at 7PM EST

Xander Homeschool says:

Andrew Mahone it was nice meating you at the dallas regionals and you are going to be at 40k soon

Ben Lagercrantz says:

Its out woo hoo

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