“THE BEST DECK IN STANDARD” | Pokemon TCG Online Battles

Gardy/Sylveon is too good right now and has an answer to everything!

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Nothing says:

Is there going to be a pixelmon ep today

Lucas Thiele says:

Cut the second parallel city for a second Sylveon

Jonathon A says:

I know this isn’t a forum but Trainer Club support is no help and I need help!I can’t recover my main username because I have multiple accounts. Idk my ID or Screen Name either. And I deleted my old email with my username. I had so many cards ;-;

Orion Fisher says:


Jakob Sherry says:


Zerinchii says:

yass more tcgo

MachoMelon08 says:

Whoa! Im here! Hello H! I love your decks! One of my favs 25 mins today!

Gillian Rieck says:

How is this so entertaining even when I don’t know what’s happening?

Kendal Coleman says:

HBomb I wrote this for you and Will and the second part for you. Words… they aren’t powerful enough. They aren’t powerful enough to say how much I respect you, adorable you, look up to you, think that you the reason I’m not in depression, the reason on why I’m happy, the reason when I’m in a fight I can watch your videos and drift away from them, the reason my phone is almost always dead. I love H and Will so much! I can’t decide how much I love them! They can make me laugh when I’m about to cry. I am so thankful for them because I wouldn’t be this happy with out them. This is the second part Liam. I know you don’t really like your name but when I hear your name I think of You , Will, Shelby, Graser, Stacy, Delphron, and Dylan. You are all my favorite YouTubers but you and will are number 1. When I see “HBomb94 uploaded:” I legit almost scream. I have watched you videos for about a year and a half now and I couldn’t ask for a better pair of favorite YouTuber than you and Will. I can’t imagine a world with out you. I think you smart, funny, kind, relatable, and cute. I wish I could meet you in real life, but my parents can’t afford it. I truly think you and link belong together because the cutest dog for the cutest guy. And I don’t just go saying that to everyone. I truly mean it when I say that. I love you videos and love you and link. I wish I would of known of you before because I live near Chicago and wish I could of meet you. My family might go on a family trip witch we haven’t gone on in a long time and I keep saying Arizona because I want to meet you so bad. I don’t think I could write this big of a thing if I didn’t appreciate you so I just want to say thank you for taking me out of a hell hole situation by uploading and with you do your videos take me away form my problems and I can actually relax and have fun and laugh. So thank you for that. p.s My other channel is what posted it and it went on that account and I ment for it to be here

Frost says:

PLEASEEEE cover lycanroc gx (midnight) zoroark gx

AnimalCracker45 says:

25 minutes of HBomb is a blessing

lexuslovesfood says:

yessss Liam! go Liam! LOL

StrawberryKitKat says:

I remember a time where h denied the sylv/gard decks haha. I was playing it when he said that and was shaking my head :p

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