“The Deck I’m Terrible With.” | Pokemon TCG Online Battles

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Kiing Emma says:

I was at a league cup today, saw this deck and was like what. The. Heck. Is. This?

AnimalCracker45 says:

Wait ewwww Silv-Al-eye?
I much prefer Silv-al-lee

Mimi Jeffrey says:


Trash can does art says:

do i count

Easton Stoker says:

First comment

Ohmar says:

I’ve been trying to use Metagross GX lately and ended up feeling similary, just out of my comfort zone

Im Ok says:

Is it wierd im already at 1690 victory points?

Joey Weeler says:

You are awsome dude

Mimi Jeffrey says:

I subscribe

hamsterhero 28 says:

My hamster got stuck in a donut

Restless Thoughts says:

Shouldn’t underestimate and trash talk a deck, turns your luck sour xD
In truth, it always makes me smile when I see Rainbow Road. ^_^ What an old school meets new school treat hehe.

Birch Page says:


AnimalCracker45 says:

I still need to catch up on all your uploads!
You’re super cool or whatver! 😀

DRASTiC says:

Yo HBomb I’ve been watching your Pokemon vids for a while now and i just wanna know, how much do you reckon you’ve spent on Pokemon cards? If you can’t think of a number just a roundabout guess.

Leon Carswell II says:

That last one hurt. Sycamore coming in clutch. Can’t do anything about that. Bad luck

Manfancy says:

Wow this deck look neat and “different”

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