The Dumbest Pokémon in the Trading Card Game! (Pokémon History)

I’ve been having a look at some of the silliest Pokémon cards we have. The same Pokémon kept coming up again and again. Come see!



Lantaar says:

Wonder if Mega Slowbro EX could be made into a decent, if not potentially sleeper deck using aqua patch and big malasadas. 3 energy isn’t that bad for water and it’s relatively bulky with 220HP (plus the 20 hp heal from every consumed malasada), I think it could theoretically survive at least one attack (most of the time). Plus (theoretically) with field blower you could instantly remove the spirit link after evolving it up and give it something a bit more useful like the mentioned heavy boots or something a bit more trolling, like bursting balloons. At the worst it could maybe turn out to be a simply fun unconventional deck.

vegetarian toothpaste has a high IQ says:

Still better than Charizard gx

Miguel Garcia says:

The First Slowking was the best from Neo Genesis.

Nick Teves says:

This video is great but I like top tens.You should do top 10 most OP Pokemon cards, top 10 most OP combos, top 10 worst combos Elite Trainers Box booklet suggestions, etc lol top 10’s are great

Daniel Jarabah says:

OH- ran – goo- rue is the way it should be said.

Ya boi Smashing says:

6:40 How did you & every poketuber forget about field blower?

CycberDog Hayden says:

I’ve been playing pokemon platinum and I just got why they have ‘slow’ in their name…

Kristen Stuffs says:

I’m a bit sloooooooooooooowwww

Geekium says:

Yveltal ex

_ FM_ says:

I used to use a mega-slowbro deck in tcgo and it actually worked

JakeTheGearHeart says:

I won Madison Wisconsin Regionals in 2016 with Slowking!

Matti Matti says:

My pick for the dumbest pokemon card ever is Hypno from Furious Fists. Its attack Hand Control lets you choose a supporter from your opponents hand and play it for them. You could for example choose a Skyla, look through your opponent’s entire deck and decide to take nothing. Or, and I would’ve loved to do that, deck them out via forcing them use a Sycamore. The same set even featured Drowzee with Sinister Suggestion that makes all coin flips during your opponent’s next turn count as tails.

Jacob Collis says:

What’s funny is slowking prime has an AMAZING effect for just about every other card game out there

R Cheung says:

“you bring in tears”

diortem emirp says:

A really obvious (it’s intentionally stupid) choice for dumb cards is Imakuni?’s Doduo. It’s not tournament legal, but there’s official rulings (seen here: for using it in casual play with friends.

There’s so much comedy in this one card; it’s from Evolutions, yet it has a Poke-Power (and it’s a [Person]’s Pokemon card too), so no Garb working, and said Poke-Power says that if you retreat, you physically THROW THE CARD. It even suggests flicking your wrist for better distance.

And then there’s the attack; for a DCE, you sing a song, and when said song is done, you do 30 damage. It’s like Future Sight from the games, except you could theoretically control it for as long as you want. Sing a song, incorporate the moves you announce into the lyrics, and if you forget any lyrics or just have to stop singing for any reason, the opponent’s active Pokemon takes 30 damage.

Which means that at any time, their turn, having a different active or no, you can just say “This card takes 30 damage”. Think about how BROKEN that’d be; they have a GX with 30 Damage and a 60 HP Basic, you finish the song from like two turns ago and then use Espeon/Jirachi to finish the job. Or take out a weak mon they just attached an energy/tool to.

It’s so intentionally dumb, but the fact that it can be played in a match with a friend blows my mind. Especially because it not only works, but it also is REALLY GOOD when used according to the rules.

Flavio Arechiga says:

Will I ever make it to be first? Ahh

Lerbyn says:

If u play the real tcg all u have to do is put ur cards down and slowking can attack for free the cards are not in your hand

Nick Teves says:

When you think about the slowpoke line in the game then these attacks really should not be surprising lmao

But for dumb attacks how about any attack that says flip 2 coins, or either is tails this attack does nothing or this pokemon is asleep, confused, etc. It’s like the what I call “Troll” dumb attack cuz I’ve seen it so many times. Only time it was ever good was The Psychic type Victini cuz it was 120 damage for I think 1 energy so it was possible. But still extremely dumb trolly.

phanpy ken says:

The only good slowking card I can think of is from heart gold soul silver

Anthony Eckman says:

You can field blower the spirit links off when you’re done using them.

Pull The Hairdrier says:

The Birthday Pikachu. Enough said.

patrick becker says:

What about dumbest trainer cards? IE: cedric juniper (i believe its called).

MazterP28 says:

slowking is actual smart

animevivi says:

We had a Pokémon TCG draft where I was able to pull off a Walk Off Homer right when my opponent was about to turn the match around. His reaction was absolutely priceless because he was sure we was about to win lol. But 100% agree it’s super situational

Clout God says:

How About The 4 Ever WOTC Promo Suicune Where When You Attach A Water Energy To Him You Have To Discard A Energy Attached To Him

AzureProminence says:

Have a look at the Slaking cards, specifically the ones from Platinum, Mysterious Treasures, and Dragons Exalted. Also, Vigaroth from Mysterious Treasureshas an interesting, and very situational, attack.

TheDarkNinja 21 says:


Anthony Eckman says:

Snorlax was another dumb Pokémon

Ivan says:

Since Slowpoke and Slowking are my absolute favorite Pokemon I feel personally attacked by this. But good video anyway!

makko 682 says:

The Slowking from the neo era says you have to flip 4 tails in order for the card to work. It reads if you flip a heads the card does nothing

Alex Edes says:

Any history pods upcoming? Good pod as always.

jackbauer6543 says:

There was a Slaking in Dragons exalted that might have been even worse than the last Slowbro. It’s ability prevented it from attacking basic pokemon, _in a metagame ruled by big basics_. It’s attack wasn’t even that good (100 and a discard four FOUR energy on a stage 2).

PilotMule 2017 says:

ok we need some real talk, props to Ross for still putting out two videos even though Stranger Things season two is on. You’re the best Ross, keep em coming!

the smooze says:

you’re so negative as of lately :^)

Mary Arbuckle says:

Imikuni’s doduo

Wayne Ellison says:

Wasn’t there a stadium that worked with mega Slowbro where you could remove a special condition every turn and heal 30 damage?

Fracie says:

Mega Slowbro isn’t that bad though.

Play with Tear away Weavile and you can freely remove the links when done to attach to others. And with Aqua patch/Rayquaza you can attach energy quickly.

I say Ray as I’d still play a few Ray’s and Promo Koko’s to help with some damage spread and acceleration.

Zhao An Lu says:

Lol even the art on Mega Slowbro-EX looks dumb.. Look at that ‘I’m gonna confuse myself’ face

HyKai says:

What about the Regigigas from Stormfront? That’s very specific.

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