THE FINAL CLUB MASTER | Pokémon Trading Card Game #22 | ProJared Plays

This is the Pokémon Trading Card Game! Not the actual card game, but the Game Boy Color game! It’s the TCG from back when it was still actually good. I’ve never played this before, but I’ve heard good things and I want to give it a shot.

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Lapist Macir says:

I’ve done that before too. It was so satisfying. I I had Vaporeon, Blastois, and Lapras setup. It was glorious.

GrimmReminder says:

“What? Why Jigglypuffs?” Jerd it’s because they straight fire on the mic!

animekid69 says:

This was my favorite

Michael Mooney says:

I love his head canon

theblackwingangel says:

Also each trainer has a different element to thier decks.

Cypher says:


afroblademaster says:

you’re having WAY more luck with the boosters than I do in this game lol

Renato Corvaro says:

To answer your question, Muk has a Pokemon Power that turns off everyone else’s Pokemon Power. So if Muk is on the field, Snorlax gets statused, and then Muk leaves, Snorlax still has that status, and can get others.

Orillion123456 says:

Muk on bench (neutralize all powers) -> sleep/confuse snorlax -> remove muk from bench (with a trainer card or such) thus re-enabling powers -> snorlax would still remain asleep/confused and you could apply poison/sleep/confuse/paralyze to it still despite muk being off the field

razorthecurse says:

Jared: *on the grand master duels*
Also Jared: *gives into greed to push his strategy*
Also, also Jared: *gets crushed by the legendary pogeyman card and he wonders why he loses and has to start all over*

Calling it n o w

Bristlefurr says:

Cookie Cookie Cookie!

destasoul gaming says:

Wow wow wow your disrespect seel he is broken when your play dewgong yeah okay but after the first buffed pokemon its become a sweeper from all of the pokemon’s.

Yakumo Yomi says:

Jerd: “I know I can win right now, but I have this Blastoise in my hand…”

Mr. Business: “YOUR ARROGANCE…!!!”

Barbabun says:

I’m here for this secret fire club lore

kelanel says:

You can make snorlax get conditions via grimer’s toxic gas that disable’s pokemon powers.

Wesly Z says:

Your next card game should be Yu-Gi-Oh; Duelist of the Roses.
I’m gonna probably comment this a few more times before the end of the series.

Hiro 928 says:

he keeps talking about how the fire club only let’s boys in…..what about the grass club, they do the same thing saying it’s “just for girls”

AtmaDragoon says:

20:28 – [AtmaDragoon will remember this.]

Darkquoter says:

Jared, we love you, but…sometimes, just once in a great while, maybe you should peek into the future and take the advice of Miss Editor…

strikerbolt says:

Jigglypuff doesn’t need friends. Jigglypuff doesn’t need your bones. Jigglypuff only needs your blood and immortal soul.

Ascending Demon says:

10 seconds in and Nintendo makes a Beavis and Butt-head reference

PenumbraVIII says:

Jared, Snorlax’s power can be canceled by Muk’s Toxic Gas Pkmn power, get the Snorlax confused, asleep, or paralyzed, and then, if the Muk is removed, and the condition persists, it stays.

Venat says:

8:55 hold up john has the sprite of the trainer from pokemon red/blue/yellow… oooff

Wojtek Taraciński says:


Yari Matthews says:

If Muk is out he stops pokemon powers. So if Muk exists on board or bench and then snorlax gets a status effect and muk Dies then snorlax will keep persisting status effects. Very fringe but it was possible.

Limon Tree says:

I get he’s supposed to have angry eyes but I can’t help but see Ken with a comically frowny face.

Saint Christopher says:

I recently replayed this, because of Jared’s videos. I spent a lot of time playing Raindance. With Gyarados, Dewgong, and Articuno. It was wild.

Sebastian Plate says:

I play Pot of Bill. Pot of Bill lets me draw two additional cards!

Otacon464 says:

Muk has an ability that negates all other PokePowers aside from his own, so if Snorlax was put Asleep, Confused, Paralyzed, or Poisoned and then Muk was removed from the field then Snorlax would keep the ailment

Verdic Gorishmal says:

I buy his Fire Club head canon

Ascending Demon says:

7:02 enter the paradox

Britta Moline says:

I’m so excited for you to play the sequel, it’s amazing

Badger McWaffles says:

fat pikachu is best pikachu, fact

WhiteDragonTile says:

“whops, he put down a magmar. it’s probably fine.”
famous last words…

Ultra Shadow says:

Videos are so much better with a sassy editor to call you on your shit in real time XD

Skyblade12 says:

Tetra Master! Yes, Miss Editor gets it.

GamerFromJump says:

If there’s a card effect or attack that suppressed Poke Powers, then Snorlax could get a status effect.

Kevin says:

theres a pokepwr that surpasses all other pokemon powers for the sake of the snorlax question

Bryan Cadents says:

On Snorlax, I wondered that too.

Muk has a Pokemon Power that negates all other Pokemon Powers on the field. In which case, Snorlax could get one of those status ailments.

Riptide27 says:

Sorry, Miss Editor, but that rain dance was TOTALLY worth it!

Nickster891 says:

i think snorlax’s ability is saying it has to be activated

Dapper Changeling says:

DEEPEST (Fire club) LORE.

dsproductions19 says:

4:57 I’d like to see the reaction of more recent players of the game, or even games like YuGiOh or MTG, as I’m sure that they might go crazy hearing that.

Actual Logic says:

You know what’s ALWAYS bothered me?

The medals are ordered by type left to right in the game (left top down then right top down on the SNES border) go Grass, Fire, Water, Electric, Psychic, then Fighting. When building a deck, it’s order by Grass, Fire, Water, Electric, Fighting, and then Fighting.

They flipped Fighting and Psychic between the medal list and deck creation screen.

Luke T. says:

There is no discrimination in a all male club nor in a all female club

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