The Glorious Return of VikaRay – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay


Andrew Mahone plays Rayquaza GX / Vikavolt in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online gameplay video. How would you build this deck to fit in the current Standard Format?

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Alex DeMoulin says:

I get rekkkkt by this deck all the time it sucks,the fact that I get rekkkkt, not the deck. The deck is legit and I want to beat it without playing it.

Jesse Parker says:

zeraora is great in my opinion for the sole fact it gives free retreat. so much easier to pivot your grubbin/lugia/dhelmise out of the active turn 2 or when you guzma. i think thats why people used it in LAIC.

Rob Newman says:

I added 3 x field blowers to help with spell tags and posion barbs (also shrines)

I also added a couple Wishful Batons to keep energy in play, works against other big hitting decks like Cake Pops

dropped a single Tapu Lele, a single ultra ball, a single vulkner, a single rare candy and a single Cythia

the Boyyy says:

Hey Andrew, I was wondering what your stance on running Zeraora in this deck is. I run 2 in my vikaray deck and its helped me out a lot but I’m no expert. I definitely think you should try it out.

Jasper Jacobs says:


Nolan Ingersoll says:

What’s this??? Early upload lol

Colin M says:


Patrick Hand says:

I really dislike Granbull, both as a deck and just a Pokémon in general.

mp29940 says:

Raynaga is better

Cody James says:

Anyone got the Decklist so I can Copy and Paste in to

davidiswhat says:

Quite a lot of questionable plays vs that granbull. Like the marshadow early on and koing with ray.

totally toads says:


Brandon Smith says:

How about trying naganadel from lost thunder and normal shuckle from lost thunder with the fresh squeeze ability would it be a good accelerating combo for energy on rayquaza

Justin Carreras says:

Can you post the lists of your vids please

Jasper Jacobs says:

1 st!!!! 888 *_*

Hayes Pfardrescher says:

Hello I love your vid the are so good keep up the good work

Gonzalo Curci says:

loved this deck. I dont have the Lugias but didn’t needed them so far. I did add a Zeraora and some tech cards like counter catcher and choice band

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Oh yeah. The Original BDIF is back.

Alex McCorkindale says:

Vika/Bulu please! I’m a believer in it

J Pannafino says:

I wonder how Alolan Muk helps with Granbull? I assume it stops Magcargo and Oranguru right?

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