THE LIGHTNING MEDAL! | Pokémon Trading Card Game #7 | ProJared Plays

This is the Pokémon Trading Card Game! Not the actual card game, but the Game Boy Color game! It’s the TCG from back when it was still actually good. I’ve never played this before, but I’ve heard good things and I want to give it a shot.

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Drozilla Firefox says:

2 charizard, 2 alakazam, 1 kangaskhan, 4 Chansey was an overpowered deck back in the original tcg

Endy Mallorn says:

I’m forced to agree with the suggestion from others – go back to the Mason Lab for a few battles – you can grind out some Energy and other good cards there. One of the major things with this game is going back and rematching effectively.

Team StormFox says:

You are definitely getting lucky in some of these duels, when I played this as a kid I remember it being so much harder

Ice Stare says:

With so much paralysis going on u could say this is truly the Binding of Issac……ok.

TazTheYellow says:

Methinks you need to farm many more cards before you can make another deck. Especially Basic Energy cards. Which you can farm at the Mason Laboratory. . . . do that please.

Cody Ridley says:

Poke Flute would be to force something weak onto their bench to kill for immediate extra or easy Prize. Also you flood their bench with weak Pokemon instead of ones they want, a slot that would be would have been used for something they needed might be lost. You can also do a PokeFlute Gust of Wind combo for immediate quick death and prize.

MrUnimportant says:

Time to make your own unbeatable Ghost deck, Jared!

Mark Cahalan says:

his weakness can’t be death, silly Jared, ghosts are already dead

ThisIsAChris says:

“Would your weakness happen to be… DEATH?!”

[upbeat battle music plays]

Blue Flare says:

Add 3-4 Professor Oak and 4 Bill so you can have more consistency.

MetalOrDeth says:

I think you should make an w/b aggro deck the new afterlife key word seems pretty value

Kthanksby3 says:

Jared your editor is #bestgirl

Cory Oliver says:

Robert of the Psychic Club either has the mumps or suffered a stroke.

HaydenX says:

So…Pokemon Flute has synergy with Gengar but it relies on your opponent having pokemon with low HP. Also, take revive out of your deck…it’s goddamn terrible in essentially every situation outside of an Alakazam deck (and even then it’s only okay). Poke Ball is too unreliable to be useful either. In the early TCG days, the biggest problem for both psychics and fighters was the prevalence of colorless pokemon who resist their attacks. Very few psychic pokemon were worth using at all aside from movie promo Mewtwo and base set Alakazam simply because a single Kangaskhan, Dragonair, Tauros, or Wigglytuff could make your deck useless if it were heavy in psychic types. Fighting had similar problems…sure Hitmonchan was great, but you were screwed if you went heavy on fighting and your opponent decided that they liked Pidgeot, Scyther, Articuno, or Zapdos. Also, you should really check out the brokenness that is Fossil Magmar…I won three tournaments in real life with my “Magmaker” deck…which was based around Scyther, Fossil Magmar, and Base Set Electabuzz alongside Dragonair. Basically, build a haymaker deck without Hitmonchan and with Dragonair added for that energy removing attack.

Barbabun says:

Poor Miss Editor during the deck edits…

Jamar Murray says:

Can you beat me, the Psychic Club master? I just love seeing my name.

Russell Williams says:

There is a trainer in the professors lab who you can battle for energy

Lord Tyrathius says:

13:33 what the fuck is this face?

Jade says:

The ghost deck was legit. You never saw the ghosts did you?

Corey Biship says:

Make a ghost deck

mistriousfrog says:

Psychic deeeeeck! Do it.

Wojtek Taraciński says:

Also, that Gastly card… uhmmm…. I know it’s just technical limitation of Gameboy and all, but… let’s say he’s hanging in the same club as original Jinx.

Atmapalazzo says:

spoiler alert, OG charizard was never good.

Andy Shek says:

Nice ghost deck (get the fuck outta here)

Nicholas Vaughan says:

I remember having a bike race with a friend of mine in middle school to win the first edition Charizard card lol. My friend was pretty ticked afterwards :p

Maou Takumi says:

Miss editor, tell us where you are in code! We will come save you!!!

Conrado De Leon says:

19:28 no you idiot, they already are

Wojtek Taraciński says:

“Clefairy type is still colorless”… IT’S ELDRAZI! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!~

Oh, sorry, wrong card game.

jackybs says:

Kangaskhan!!!!!! Use him!!!!!! Jared pls

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