The State of the Competitive Pokemon TCG Format Right Now!

The lovely Jason Stopka over on Pateon (he rocks!) has requested a video about the state of the format right now. So I made one! Come see!

Wishiwashi Deck:
Incineraor Deck:

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Shoutout to the lovely Jason Stopka for requesting this video over on Patreon!


ForTheWinTCG says:

I’m trying my best right now to find and re-discover decks (that are currently in standard) to provide a lot more variety to my (and hopefully others) gameplay experience as it makes the game a lot more fun, especially if a deck is new and potentially viable.

Local Maple says:

I use in PTCGO a Malamala deck. Malamar accelerates onto the Lunala with the 40xPsychic for 1 Psychic energy.

Bean Burrito says:

666 views, 69 comments

Kilo Hattie Gaming says:

52 comment

roger floyd says:

So glad N is gone

D Bomb says:

Here’s some more decent decks
Leafeon decidueye
Bulu decks
Golisopod decks
Dusk mane magnezone
Other nightmarch
Zygarde bonnie
Sleep or stall decks
Other spread

poopz says:

where or how can i find local tourneys ???

itsinmyvein says:

[Y] Baby Lele is the reason Ray can’t be tier one. It’s too easy to tech against.

ArtyFarts says:

Gunna use Naganadel Koko :b

diortem emirp says:

Now this is a nice primer, even if in Summation it’s just “the meta is very straightforward right now”. I’d actually kinda like more of these every now and again, since having a rough idea of what to expect can be really helpful with a TCG if you haven’t played in a while.

Personally I’ve been slacking on my TCGO playtime thanks to some really good other games, so this meta isn’t TOO same-y for me plus I like that I still recognize some of the threats from earlier in the year, but I can definitely see where stagnation could be setting in.

But like you said, Lost Thunder’s coming out soon, and it’s bound to shake things up; Electric Pokemon are gonna get some major power, of all things that Onix is gonna be a decent fighting tech if you can dump 4 energy on one mon, Lost Zone integration’s gonna add another layer to the game’s strategy (can’t bring back Zoroark if it’s been sent to the shadow realm), Lost March is shaping up to be a neat contender…exciting stuff.

Personally I’m also focused on playing Lunala GX, because I’ve been crafting it since it released and I’m not gonna stop now; freely moving energy on a bulky-ass 250 HP mon is really nice (it’s so bulky zoroark NEEDS a choice band to OHKO it despite weakness!), and it’s customizable too; Necrozma for big damage, Espeon to have a quick beefy mon up, Lunala PS for energy recovery…sure it’s a rogue deck, but it’s fun.

My point being that, if I can come back after a couple weeks/months of inactivity and play a rogue deck to moderate success, the meta isn’t TOO intimidating to get back into.

Mitchell Ellis says:

Buzz gx is not a threat anymore

Kiyo Takamine says:

Lapras/Quagsire wasn’t played in Philly because Quagsire wasn’t legal yet lol. Dragon’s Majesty only came out the week before the tournament

Hardyt3kyoyo says:

So like…does the garbodor/buzzwole shrine deck that seems to win everything just not count?????

MazterP28 says:

Where is Rayquaza?

Connor Stevens says:

Zoroark GX!
Buzzwole GX!
Shoot! Ugh!
A tie

brendon livingston says:

I don’t have a problem with the current format, I don’t compete on a very high level but I go to a cup or challenge from time to time and I love playing those top decks but just playing at you league on Sunday it’s a ton of fun to play obscure decks. Last week I played Alolan Muk GX with crushing hammers, enhanced Hammers, and team skull grunts and every match I had a blast (even tho I only won half my matches)

GoriNapalm says:

>Open video after almost a year of not playing
>It’s the same buzzwole-zoroark shit

Shadow_Venom37 says:

noibat / trash garb

fear thy bats

FlamingAxel says:

Ross, you should give Glaceon more love. Glaceon-Greninja is my main deck and the abilty lock is so strong, I even beat Metagross and Solgaleo decks, not to mention Zoroarks can’t trade and that with Frogadier and Greninja abilities’, nothing is safe on the bench. Please give Glaceon more love, I legit barely lose with this deck, irl or online.

Zechariah McRoberts says:

Sooooo Yu-Gi-Oh duel links

I’m saying this because without before the new banlist. Also I’m saying this because barely anything can beat furhire or amizoness.

Adi D says:

where is rayquaza?..

Nathan Elsensohn says:

Rayquaza is a top tier deck. You’re just wrong here I’m sorry…

Epic Shonen Guy says:

I just can’t wait to play all kind of variants with Zeraora GX

Joshua Blair says:

I am building a crazy slaking rogue deck, one that is unlike anything else. Here’s the list:
4 Slakoth
1 Vigoroth
4 Slaking
1 Mesprit
1 Uxie
1 Celesteela
1 Cosmog
1 Solgaleo GX
2 Slugma
2 Magcargo
1 Marshadow
1 Oranguru
1 Tapu Lele GX
4 Cynthia
4 Lillie
1 Sightseer
1 Guzma
3 Pokemon Fan Club
1 Mystery Treasure
4 Ultra Ball
4 Rare Candy
3 Choice Band
2 Enhanced Hammer
2 Max Potion
1 Rescue Stretcher
2 Energy Retrieval
2 Shrine Of Punishments
4 Double Colorless Energy
2 Metal Energy
1 Psychic Energy
(Yes I Know The List Is 62 cards, I have no idea what to take out. Also, the deck might seem crazy, but it is surprisingly consistent)

Niall Crallan says:

I was lucky enough to pull a Rainbow Rayquaza GX from a pack at the World Championships!

Which is the immediate moment before it plummeted in value due to people realising it’s not actually the best card in the meta ;_;

Poke -Koor says:

but what about banette without zoroark ,world championship players played that

PCourie says:

Am I the only one who thinks wossy gives Buzzwole GX more credit and baby buzz/ Rayquaza Gx not enough?

shivam Baishya says:

Where is gardevoir decks

Oguz Güven says:

8:22 “…using lele to move the -energy- dmg counters around…”
nice vid

Brandon Jeffi says:

I think hand disruption is still alive and well. I love Metagross/Solgaleo and play it by far the most, but I would say at least half of my Algorithm GX attacks end up disrupted by Judge. Maybe it’s not reflected in top cuts, but it seems to me that people are willing to play Judge in high enough numbers that hand disruption is very much still alive

guywithashirton says:

If I want to start playing tcg what deck is the best and mostly budget?

Tyler Kwong says:

Interestingly, we keep saying “Malamar” decks but rarely say “Vikavolt” decks. Instead, we say “Tapu Bulu” and “Rayquaza” decks. Why does Vikavolt always receive less credit than Malamar when they are functionally similar? Also, the three forms of Necrozma (regular, ultra, dawn wings) are the actual attackers, just like Zoroark and Buzzwole, why don’t we say “Necrozma” decks? (Okay, I confess I love Necrozma LOL)

Nadav sc says:

does any one know how many buzzwole gx and mini buzzwole the buzzwole decks played? seen as im confused if its more like the three baby buzzwole deck or the good old fashion jet punch deck and then beat ring when the time comes

dragullong blackfang says:

have wossy really misssed out that whe hace promo solgaleo in the tcg which helpsalot of deck

Mike Stead says:

Waiting for lost thunder to drop will create so many new decks also help previous decks

Spicy 5Z says:

In Memphis Straight Golisopod got a top 16.

Spicy 5Z says:

Ho-Ho Kiawe got top 32s and 64s.

Plasma TCG says:

When Lost Thunder rolls in, I think Sceptile is going to become a good deck with max potion and the new Grovyle. Buzzwole needs a beast energy, choice band and diancie prism star to get a one hit ko with its big attack. Zoroark can’t one shot you and you get rid of their energy. And Malamar/ necrozma needs four energy to get a one hit ko. I think Sceptile, if it’s fast enough will stand a chance in the format.

Sebastian Kiener says:

Could you please make a video on the new Solgaleo GX. It’s been a year since you made your video on this card and alot has changed since then. I’ve tried playing it with the other Solgaleo GX and Magcargo but still it seems to lack consistency which makes it not fast enough. There may be some potential with the upcoming Alolan Ninetales GX.

Sixxth Berry says:

I always throw in two Ilimas in my deck for some decent disruption, just in case they have something like the Metagross-GX, or Steven’s Resolve.

Chaos Buster12 says:

Also, I’m really interested in two decks that made Top 8 in September regionals. Celesteela GX/ Stakataka GX made 6th place, and Solgaleo GX (Promo)/Lunala GX (SM1) made 4th. (I was waiting for someone to make these decks)

Basically buzz in the tcg

ThatOneRhyGuy says:

Honestly I’m just waiting for Lost Thunder at this point. Seeing the decks that Japan is making now makes me more excited to play when those cards come out.

thedragonofdoom says:

I have a question for you guys what deck are you most excited about that is coming from lost thunder?

German Gaitan Garcia says:


Metagross Authority says:

This makes no sense buzz and shrine are different also malamar is diff from spraed lugia

Phoenix says:

In my opinion, this is why Blacephlon-GX will be a crazy good Deck with Naganadel, due to evolution support Pokemon and basic, hard-hitting Pokemon for attackers dominating this metagame. I am very hyped for Blacephlon-GX and cannot wait to begin playing it.

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