“THE TOURNAMENT” | Pokemon TCG Online Battles

Welcome back to another Pokemon Trading Card Game Online battle video! 😀

Hope you enjoyed! If you did, be sure to leave a like! 🙂

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Blake Markland says:

Hey H been enjoying your ptcgo videos if you miss who is going first the glitter around the face lets u know while setting up who will start

YumCherryPies - Roblox,Nintendo says:

Someone please respond is my Wishiwashi GX hyper rare fair for a lugia ex full art?
I need help I want it but I want to know if it’s fair

Lian Gee says:


Oh No My Shed says:

HBomb I got a FA Turntanator GX FA if you want to trade

Sakio the poke master says:


Addison Maddison I like rhymes dadison says:

Cam as fast as can yay love H

Drew Pierce says:

Hoping to get back into the pokemon TCG! Your videos have made me really want to play again.

dawn mathieson says:

So many shiny cards 😀

DagrimREAPER Minecraft and CoD says:

H I neeeed daily tcgo. You can’t leave me hanging like that

SARAH Reeder says:

Best YouTube ever amazing vid

James Chadwick says:

LOL this volcaneon deck is super fun

Donut Ninja says:

When in doubt, just pronounce it as the Japanese name “Kaki”
Edit: #BanCrushingHammersAndLifeDews

Caleian Love says:

that was awesome!!!
really awesome(:

Chicken Master says:

I have no idea what’s happening but there are link moments in this sooo Ima watch it all

Aerocia says:

Hey guys, I’m starting a YouTube channel for Pokémon TCGO. Plz go check it out. Thank you all and have a good day!!!

The_Paradox_Kid says:


Dakota Adams says:

Love the videos

EmmyMi says:

Yay! Volcanian/ Turtonator is one of my favorite decks to see you play!

Rony Molina says:

calm down with your theon joy looking ass xD jk

QuietAwesomer _90001 says:

Animal cracker?
U there?
Well that’s new

Jin Senpai says:


Minx Vlogz says:

Yay love you h!

Bored Blaby says:

Sweet first :D!

thiccmemerino says:

Are you going to try to go for your invite this year?

Notorius Productions says:

“Nevermind, I’m just going dumb!” -HBomb 2017

SirWikele says:

not first

RedWolf_329 says:

Aw, I wish you just chose a comment instead of use of gleam. It never works. It keeps saying I never entered, I did enter.

Daniel D. says:

some people pronounce kiawe like key a we

Lincoln's Lego & Gaming says:

whos watching this in 2001 i am

Luis Cardona Martinez says:

Buen video

Ashlyn Senpai says:

guys animal cracker isnt here…….. OMG IS SHE OK

Shmebulock says:

I don’t understand annything about TCG but i still watch it xd

Will M says:

Good luck to everyone that entered into the giveaway

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