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This is the Pokémon Trading Card Game! Not the actual card game, but the Game Boy Color game! It’s the TCG from back when it was still actually good. I’ve never played this before, but I’ve heard good things and I want to give it a shot.

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Andy Orndorff says:

“JARED checked the cards in the booster pack!”

—Gets an Ad about Google Home Hub photo sharing—

Guardian Bear says:

So hooked on this series already. Need to get back playing this, still got this and my old gameboy, time to fire it up.

Adenike says:

I remember There is one trade where they want all your energy cards and you get a rare card. If you say no to him you lose out forever. I think you can get away with it by putting making decks with only energy cards and giving him what’s left over.

Schwarzer Ritter says:

If type advantages exist in this game and you picked grass as your starter, why don’t you go to the water gym?

Kyle Johnson says:

Can’t wait to see your deck at the end of the game. Also I have this game and somehow didn’t know you could battle friends. Oh and this game is in the eshop for 3ds

XVII says:

Ah, back during the days of when haymaker decks reigned supreme.

j.r. Rabet says:

perhaps i was just a dumb kid but i recall this game kicking my butt hardcore.

Jonas K says:

This series is amazing. You should keep it up! You’re doing great Jared!

Carl Clausewitz says:

You should go against the Rock Gym, because you are using grass.

Pat Knack says:

Hey Jared, I really suggest using a guide to help build your deck since this game is grueling most of the time. It helps knowing what cards are effective. Also, it would help if you focused on just one type in your deck since your opponent is doing the same, i.e. use only fire when your opponent is using only grass.

Richard Weir says:

Check out your trainer cards. Bill and Professor Oak are great! You can also use as many trainer cards you want each turn. 🙂 Good Luck!

Toby Bower says:

I used to love this game! Fire delete 4 boss sucked.

I played it again when I was older. And I couldn’t even nearly win!

Elijah Moore says:

Search cards let you look through your whole deck because it’s an advantage. If you know what’s in your deck, you can figure out which cards are your prize cards based off of one search.

Limbo08 says:

Having fun watching this let’s play, please continue 🙂

Nick Nick Nick says:

Please! More of this! Really enjoying you playing this! <3

Encontre Chantal says:

I remember my cousin playing this game, i remember watching a battle but i never knew the rules of the card game so im exited, thanks jared

Big _Storm1359 says:

I need more episodes like yesterday

DeathEatsCurry says:

ProJared lowkey best editing.

Marcelo Moura says:

Love this game! So relaxing to see you play it ^_^

ParanoidBigfoot says:

Well no wonder you’re having such a hard time…

You have no Kuriboh in your deck man. Get one in your deck, then you’ll be set.

Maybe a Get Out of Jail Free card wont hurt your chances either.

Daniel Huras says:

Magmar, hitmonchan and scyther is the aggro deck you can use to stomp people.

ThatAlex says:

yeeeees, i lovedthis game as a kid (even tho i was terrible at it)
even today it holds up so well, especially since you actually get to evolve pokemon and not just blast around EX legendaries. Cant wait for more of these videos :3

8-Kit says:


Magic Jim says:

Stop making smash videos and keep doing this game please ty:)

Philomongo says:

Sorry you got blown up by missles

PixelGoat says:

The infrared link? I remember. Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Karsten Stump says:

I downloaded this on 3DS and its super fun. I built a nidoran deck thats killing all

Matthew Ahn says:

I never really got into playing with my pokemon cards, but now I kinda want to. Too bad I forget where my deck is.

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