Top 10 All-Time Strongest TCG Pokémon

Nintendo fans, unite!►

We know which Pokémon are strong in the games, but does that translate to strong cards in the TCG? Let’s find out!

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Nave GCT says:

this is… accully looking VERY correct

Galactica R says:

Two words: Dark Lugia

HLTD LD says:

I have Jirachi and Gardevoir EX

Random Animations says:

“All of these mews saw competive success”
*sees memories mew*

Professor José says:

I know sneasel was only once good for something, but blastoise was mentioned so.. Sneasel had to be banned because of it’s unbalanced power at the time.. the strongest of all times

GoriNapalm says:

Dude, how could you not put Gengar on the list?

_ Ribary_ says:

Delphox EX from Flashfire is the strongest. Fite me

Daniel Cuevas says:

Forgot about Darkrai level x and mew’s de-evolution beam edit: also charizard and raquaza’s 300 damage attack cards

Gasterfire 6 says:

My friend has a mega Raquazza and it did 400 damage

krysala says:

Finally someone agrees with me on Charizard. The only truly effective Charizard cards have abilities that change energy to fire (i.e. Energy Burn, Energy Flame, & Burning Energy) and even then only when combined with an ability like Venusaur’s Energy Trans which is a slow build late game combo at best.

An honorable mention though would be the old Jungle Set and BS2 Mr. Mime. This card hit the floor during mid and especially late game back in the day and even the strongest Haymaker and Blastoise decks were humbled. Often imitated, never duplicated (seriously it’s never been re-released in any Legendary Set). Jungle/BS2 Mr. Mime was a little card that could slay monsters.

CommandoPander says:

5:35 I swear this card is my little brothers drug.

Half of the time I fight him this thing is what wipes me. He’s been playing for a hella lot longer than me, and has 4 Ex’s in his deck. All of this in combination with a ton of energy removals, and seriously powerful tool cards that when lucky let him draw nearly 7 cards in one turn.

I have a Zapdos that can do 200 damage if I get a lucky 4 coin heads, and I have a suicune that is not affected by EX’s. However, half the time I either have one of the stuck in the prize pile, or can’t use them because my foe draws his energy removals right off the bat and completely shuts me down. Oh, and he somehow is the luckiest at drawing dark energies as well, which buffs his Darkrai to absolute game breaking levels.

How do I get better at this game without spending 200$ or up for EX’s? And no, I don’t have any energy removals. All I have are energy retrieval’s, which can only stall while he buffs his Pokémon to Arceus-like levels.

Squid Bomb Productions says:

So I haven’t watched the video yet, but I can tell Squirtle is going to be number 1 on this list

LokisRisa Gaming says:

I have like 10000000000 mew cards xd

Ace of Mason says:

9:19 Nah it’s all about the Ancient Origins Shiny Mega Rayquaza with Emerald Break. Lel.

Cory says:

I’m very surprised the Shayman-EX card that ruled the tournament scene for awhile wasn’t listed. I don’t think this video came before it… I can’t remember though. Every single deck had shayman-ex as their main pokemon + a good support would be so strong.

This was a great video! I remember a lot of these cards, and remember the change they had on the entire scene.

Inkmaster 101 says:

I say the second best tcg move name being a pikachu card with the move “Pikapunch”

OOFing Games says:

the 1st pikachu isnt a pikachu its a potatochu XD

Adit Sharma - Folkstone PS (1413) says:

tapu lele gx is the best Pokemon card

Kimberly Copeland says:

The second gardevoir mega ex is actually a shiny gardevoir

AndrewBrewer917 says:

Darkrai using Spacial rend and roar of time?! Hold on a minute!

Angel Macias says:

This list is bull crap. U have 1st ed Charizard, U win.

SilverGodzilla 007 says:

Shadow Lugia?????????

Herman Pesina says:

2006 hp levels for most pokemon are lower then most current pokemon damage output.

EternityVoid11 says:

I have that same Yanmega card but it’s shiny.

Rycoon says:

plz make more tcg videos

Gary Korin says:

I think you’re pronouncing Garbodor wrong.

BubleebuzzYT says:

Your title is misleading, these cards are most useful and have nice abilities, strongest means they have the strongest attacks.

PhoenixBird99 says:

*cough* Guzzlord GX *cough*

Adolf Hitler says:

Bad list

umbaupause says:

Mega Gardevoir EX was my first real fairy deck in TCGO! The memories…

rollingbird3 says:

you should see rayquaza and garde now… my goodness they’re both op in the current meta game

TheRealNinjaJFJ says:

Take a look at the Eternal Radiance Gardevoir

Bennermen :3 says:

Mega tyanitar EX

Lance Melo says:

I had a charziard that had good stats… but… IT HAS A ATTACK THAT IT’S RECOIL KILLS IT >:(

Lyo Nishimura says:

Block’s Nintales

Dillon Burke says:

my fav mew is the one that makes all evolved pokemon, useless,

Chuck Norris says:

Buzzwole: What?

Mars games says:

Oh u know what I got mega gardevoir ex and full art

creepybunnypasta ps4 says:

Garchomp is strong too

AsianInvasion says:

i don’t what i’m more bothered by: the fact that i own almost none of those cards. or the way he says rayquaza

Blueberry Sans says:

**Throws my Plasma Lugia EX into the ring of decently OP cards** Behold, a card with a strong ability and a strong move of 120 power with only a 4 normal cost. Meaning you don’t need any type of specific energy card to power em up.

Branden Armellino says:

Wifu is no.1

Charles Midkiff-Blue says:

No freken way you pulled all of those ex,s


This isn’t correct charzard is awsome cuz my dad a a chazard in a deck and it a boss

DiamondPyro Drunken Bombza - Brawl Stars says:

Hey Jwittz what about Alakazam ? He’s been making a bit of a splashdown recently with a separate booster pack that has about 3-5 EX versions

Aliyah Thomas says:

I have a hoops card that literally doesn’t take damage or effects from ex’s or gx’s. I never have the chance to use it though

Swoobat IsHere says:

Lol I havethe despair ray gardevoir ok now I need a gardevoir Kirlia and ralts

Zambie Draws says:

And since Gardy got a GX that will either give fond or haunting memories…

Sarah Dupere says:

What about ancient mew?

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