Top 10 Decks for the Pokémon TCG International Championships (Europe – London)

The International Championships are coming this weekend, so let’s take a look at the best decks for the event! Come see!



KittyDD says:

you definitely missed zoroark/lycanroc and zoroark/buzzwole. 180 every turn with retreat is insane, especially when there is no powerful psychic decks atm.

Jamesta James says:

Stop saying Salasizzle. You add letters when there are no letters there.

Jamesta James says:

12:53 really? Edit where you don’t have to do post edit

MrHargreaves4567 says:

I’m playing gardi

windwaker0rules says:

the decks that need tapu lele to be good 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

enderghast0 says:

I’d say either Buzzy or Ho-Oh is the play. Ho-Oh gets so many knockouts when you run 2 volc EX. Turbo Buzzwole can get damage rolling so fast, it can beat practically anything (but a one-of Necrozma can do work in a Buzzwole deck). Those are what I’d consider. Espeon Garb loses in early game, or, you just play Espeon anyways! Drampa is a stretch, because of Buzz, but otherwise, those decks are all solid

Laurin Loewe says:

Are there still this alternate format turnaments?

james mc says:

Gardevoir second :O

yiplame says:

i think buzzwole garbodor would go quite high in the list tho..

been playing Solgaleo/Metagross/MagearnaEX deck online for ages and garbodor espeon drampa goes down most cases

Sal fontana says:

I have a pretty good volcanion deck that I want to play, but I have no tapu leles so I would automatically be at a disadvantage 🙁

Dylan Ott says:

Number 1, Guzzlord with 59 energy

Thomas Digmann says:

I think zoroark Ninetales gx is really good

Sebreeze The Legion says:

Is brooklet hill and switch still in standard?

Pack God says:

Watch out for my boy Alolan exeggutor and venasaur with weakness policy for gardy. It’s pretty good

Bee cr says:

10.- 2:21 Alolan ninetails
9.- 3:52 Vikavolt
8.- 4:53 Greninja
7:- 5:45 Zoroark
6.- 7:06 Buzzwole
5.- 8:45 Silvally
4.- 10:28 Volcanion
3.- 12:12 Golisopod
2.- 13:40 Gardevoir
1.- 16:05 Garbodor

Coming next week to this videos again. 🙂

Jack The Wack says:

Zoroark gx will be squeezed in a lot of decks

PokemonGuyPearl says:

Espeon EX seems to be working really well as a single copy thrown into my Beedrill deck! You can really easily spread damage around with the Beedrill, just two Beedrill gives you the ability to snipe for 80 damage, so you can set up a bunch of really easy KOs for Espeon EX.

Smite Knight says:

Hey Ross, What do you think is better and why: Metagross Or Silvally/Metals?

Andrew Underwood says:

no Metagross in top 10?
I wonder why?
oh yeah. the deck is booty butt cheeks now

Joel Parks says:

I think you are 100% right with Drampa Garb Esp probably going to be #1 It has the capability to pretty much OHKO every deck in the format. Before anyone says Gardevoir counters it, think just 2 po town damage on gardevoir and suddenly gardevoir is one shotted ridicously easily and rare candy is useless cause you risk losing to espeon ex, Yeah there are simply too many ways drampa Garb Esp can win the match up making it a very very favorable match up for drampa garb esp.

909awesome says:

I’d say gardy bdif

BananaInfinity says:

See u at internationals ross

Cjraw11 says:

Dude we’re is turbo darkrai/zorak

KirktonGirl Gaming says:

See you in London! Im going too

Poke Brothers says:

Hahhaah tord reklev was playing a selfmade deck so hè didn’t finish top cut

Yozzoy says:

Imo, Buzz is going to have a really tough time since people are going to be teching in that Mr.Mime to neuter him. Silvally is def worse than Metagross though.

Nathan Hargreaves says:

I was thinking of switching from espeon garb to golisopod garb, but now I’m not sure

Nipun Kapoor says:

I play Metagross and I’ve been beating Ninetales, Golisopod, VikaBuli, Gardevoir and literally everything except Volcanion and the occasional Garbodor (i beat it most of the time though)
I really feel it should be on the list.

Zachary Carlson says:

don’t sleep on latam

Mr Kidneyshiv says:

I realllllly really like garbodor drampa with the rule of evil weavile. Free retreat and the ability to spread so much damage to benched draw ability pokemon is just so good right now

Rodney Henry says:

Pretty close to a perfect list. I feel like your #1 is spot on for someone who wants to play the safe bet. Drampa/Garb is the safest deck in the format to play. Gardi has a giant target on its back. Personally I think we will see a metal silvally reach top 32 maybe even top 8 solely on the back of so many people will play gardi and metal silvally will eat those decks alive. I cant wait for this weekend because it will give everyone a good feel for where the meta is going and what to expect in Memphis. I like buzzwole but I think in the grand scheme of things he loses to garb variants and that’s not good at all. It will see play, I just don’t feel its better than a top 32 deck. I would expect a ton of toolbox type decks coming out in London. (similar to the zoroark toolbox list that won in japan. I know different format but we have enough in standard that we could tech out a list to do the same things) I love where the meta is at with the variety of archtypes to look out for. Expect the unexpected.

Lindsley Cravens, II says:

Annoying how few decks are ever any good. But I guess that is how it works.

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