Top 10 Pokemon TCG Art

Nintendo fans, unite!►

What is the best artwork in the Pokémon Trading Card Game? Art is completely subjective, but I drew my own conclusions.

Card+Thumnail Art by Artsy-Theo

Movie commercial from That 90’s Guy:

Rocket Briefcase clip from Pokévault

Card scans from PKMNCards

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Adamk Kampen says:

I have seen that second Skyla art a lot, and I never even once thought it was official art because of how sexualized it is

Trey C says:

Glad to see you uploading again!

Also, where can i get that JWittz card???????

Maggie O'Brien says:

I lost my mind when George Lucas showed up

Nicholas Saini says:

That into had me rolling on the floor!!!

DragonWaffle says:

I personally love the newest energy cards myself the simplistic design just feels so right.

MistuhRobe says:

The beginning skit made me realize that JWittz is pretty much the Bob Ross of YouTube.

TnamiChan says:

My favorite pokemon art would be the complimenting bouffalant and natu (legendary treasures 107 and 55) cards. The story they tell is just so cute.

Krak Rex says:

I remember back in the day I actually traded with you and your wife for legends pieces I was using in a deck of mine back when y’all were primarily TCG channels/transitioning to variety channels

SethTea says:

Jwittz Card too HOT!!!

Michael Cranston says:

See, i thought i was the only one who liked to over explain a plain joke or a pun or something. Lol I think it adds to the joke but very few others do. Lol

Leo Askeland says:

Wanna see another one

Laddersmith Dodongo says:

I love all the little editing gags in this video. The beginning was pretty funny too. Good stuff as always, man!

Elyse4point0 says:

Lol discard up to 60 cards XD

trimon007 says:

hey there jwittz i like how you started your video with a style a la bob ross.

Alexa Jordan says:

Man, I miss my Ancient Mew card. It was donated away by my ex step aunt, so I lost all my cards. :c

awsomesaucekirby says:

Dear mr. Jwittz,
I have recently been alerted to a pokemon mobile game called pokemon duel. Apparently it’s the TFG, just virtual instead of physical, and removes that ability to calculate how hard you need to hit for a specific result.

M O E * N E E T says:


TheLMBLucas says:

I don’t play TCG since 2001 so I’m glad I at least have one of those.

Elijahn Sapuay says:

Guys, how much is that Jwittz Rare Art in Pokemon TCG online? Just Reading the effect make me want it in all my decks 😛

Cael Ray says:

Have you already come out?

Wietze Hooijenga says:

My favorite card is the sneasel, from sun & moon burning shadows. The environment, lighting, and sinister look on his face are just so perfect.

The Booty Patrol says:

>Ludicoli dabbing is the only good tcg art.

XxDiamond CreeperXx says:

I have that specific skyla card, and it still makes my trainer deck stand out…

Brody Flynn says:

I may not be well-versed in the TCG, but I know how to appreciate good artwork. This kind of thing makes me want to get into the card game, but there are so many crazy strategies and so many cards to collect that I don’t even know where to begin…

Nocturne22 says:

That Tepig series got me in the feels. And I’m sure it took like 20 years for it to evolve because it wasn’t used for battling; it was just a beloved pet.

ShinobiSkull says:

I love the legend cards too, in fact, I have one of the halves of Ho Oh Legend

Swordsman Lucario says:

The Jwittz card is unrealistic… He should be whiter. Yep that’s the only thing that’s inaccurate

Valentina Bezprezimena says:

I missed you

Lucas Durigan says:

Before we end up in PRISON!
I died

Lord Nermal says:

Anyone else got that pikachu that’s in the thumbnail?

WitherGames says:

My favourite is the Rare Shiny Sigilyph Card I got one and its awesome its got a gold border and looks just beautiful even though its 3D its just awesome! EDIT: I just realised its a secret rare! 118/116 😛

Hollow Tim says:

My top 10 is probably the FA’s of all female characters.

Chizz says:

Hard to pick a favourite card art of all time, but I can say that my fave full art trainer is the second full art Lillie, the one in Ultra Prism, it just looks so good

superpika1of4 says:

I love the Crystal Guardians set style

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