Top – 4 Regional Buzzwole / Weavile – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays games with Nicolas’ Top – 4 Regional Championship Buzzwole / Weavile deck. This deck has taken the metagame by storm and is a strong contender for upcoming events!

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Richard Jobstmann says:

dhelmise is a good bulu dude 😀

Matt Gregg says:

Using magcargo to search out what you want from your acrobike’s is really clutch in this format.

Agustin Mendez says:

Mahone the acrobikes are to draw with magcargo even when your hand is 3+ cards

Blake Wicklein says:

Earlier today bought a Celestial Storm pack at Walmart and pulled a full art Scizor Gx and a Scyther!

gardengrove011 says:

hated them at first but i think theyre very fun to play now that ive been using one. the one prize attackers making the game longer is fun to me

Eric French says:

No matter what deck I pilot, it’s always a home brew, always has 4 field blower and always gets punished by PTCGO. Their algorithm knows how to matchmake like no other.

Brett Fett says:

There’s a new article on Pokebeach about Empoleon/Swampert by Caleb Gedemer. Was he at the league cup with Lyden or something? “Went to Ohio for some league cups” and saw Swampoleon with super boost. Just love seeing the Mahomies influence the meta!

Matthew Towne says:

Seems more like M1 on your mouse is dying, not PTCGO lagging. Get a new mouse

Nickles says:

Inb4 Weavile ban.

Generic Mike says:

Damn so much has happened since crimson invasion

ucsbrandon says:

Shrine decks, especially tapu koko ones, are the new Greninja Break to me. Just slow, painful and agonizingly annoying to play against. Thinking about playing some sky pillars and four field blowers in all my decks just to spite them.

Doppelpunkture says:

There’s been a glitch recently where the game freezes and the timer continues on your side, it’s happened to me twice.

Pikaquaza says:

Delmise the new bdif!

Irndolf Visitacion says:

Do you have extra shrinessss

uwillnevernoewhoiam says:

in that first game you should have targeted the vikavolt. @ 6:55 you should have grabbed beast energy instead, attach to benched buzz and then guzma the vikavolt. you opponent only had a bulu with no energies it was no threat. with no grubbin on your opponent’s bench to set up you would pretty much have had game.

Poker Jedi says:

I wrecked a buzz/garb/shrine deck last night with your Shining Lugia deck. Seems like the Bulu/Vika/Dhelmise deck operates under the same idea as the Lugia deck.

Phillip Abeita says:

I played a 65 masters league cup in denver, went 4-2 and bubbled out of top 16 and missed out on points, sad face

Jude Games says:

The misplays are thick in this video.

w2gMk says:

How about… a Scizor GX deck soon? I’ve been having a lot of fun with it recently, specially against all these shrine of punishment decks, since it resists garbodor, and damage ends up giving it an advantage. Pan+The effects of its primary attack make banded buzzwole do 0 damage as well.

Alex Jacobs says:

I really appreciate the longer videos. It gives me more things to watch and also helps us see the deck in action more. Thanks, Andrew.

Steaky Boy says:

Should smooth over before you kukui when you have two magcargos

Aston Martin says:

You kill me with these longer videos, LOL! I’m at lunch in school right now, figured I stop by real quick to say hi!

Sev7n odeia minguado says:

how can I get awesome cards on demand like this? I struggling to get my budget umbreon gx deck 🙁

NicKVenTs says:

Metal frying Pan is tilting

Bernardo WBS says:

Great deck tapu bulu/dhelmise

Maguntay says:

Tech fairy lele promo for rayquaza gx? Psywave plus choice band gets a 1hko

Alex Mitas says:

Where can I find the top 8 lists?

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