TRICKY GYM vs TRAINER CHIP – Pokemon TCG Online Game Play

Andrew Mahone plays Greninja GX vs Trainer Chip’s Naganadel GX Beast Box in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Game Play video. Which YouTube personality will emerge on top? Watch and find out!


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Welcome to our Pokemon Competitive Channel! We will be covering Pokemon Deck Profiles, Pokemon Trading Card Game Online (PTCGO) game plays, Pokemon event coverage and much more that the Pokemon competitive scene has to offer! Mahone’s Tricky Gym is your best resource to learn how to play pokemon.


UnRealisticFezant says:

Another good video! Keep it up, Mahone! 😉

Tim Melton says:

*Andrew plays Guzma on the Dusk Mane*

Chip’s video: “He’s playing around Beast Ring – he’s being smart, is what he’s doing”

Andrew’s video: “Oh no, I missed the KO – I’m so bad at math!”

Alex Edes says:

It would be awesome if YouTubers could collaborate more. It’s a lot of extra work on you guy’s tho. Thanks for all the hard work.

AlexCoronaPhoto says:

You need necrozma . It does 100 damage to all GXs. It is amazing in snipe decks. Allows you to take all 6 prize cards in one turn…

Isaias Hernandez says:

Loving the Greninja GX deck! Please do more

Dadmachine says:

Saw this game on chips channel, “interesting” game

Jonathon Tritto says:

I watched this on chips side too he drew nothing the whole game

Revolutionaire Rebel says:

Wooooow best players ever!

MSceptileHD says:

you could have taken out Dawn wings and dusk mane in one turn if only you got another greninja and putting 30 on duskmane flying flip would take them both out

Spicy Vlogs says:

You should add feild blower because of garb.

TheMaskedMeowth says:

Aaahhhh Andrew, it’s “Poy-pole” and “Nag-uh-nay-dull”

Eltyr says:

Quick tip, even if you might not need it.
If you have Koko to attack, don’t get focused about KO from the frog’s abilities, when Koko would kill them with the 20 damage.
Referring to 11 minutes in particular, where you let the opponent put the Xurkitree in front and waste you damage because you knocked out the dusk mane with ability, while that ability could have made 20 damage on the dawn wings, 30 more on poipole with Greninja and with the attack you could have gotten 5 prizes, completely barring the beast rings from the opponent even if he wanted to use Xurkitree’s GX to get you back to 3

ArtyFarts says:

Are aoe decks coming into the meta again?

Lilith Demon-Godess says:

One day you’ll run into Pablo. Great match Mahone! Seen both perspectives, nice to see some friendliness and respect for one another within the community <3

TrainerChip says:

GG Mahone, Float Stone apparently hates me lol. This deck is super interesting and I’m definitely going to try it out!

shanes S4 says:

Damn that was so one sided

Micah Hayden says:

Back at it with the TRICKY SNIPES

Spicy Vlogs says:

This deck would do good against a lot of the format, zoroark, ultra necrozma, and buzzwole Lycanroc because of espeon EX
Great list!

Fracie says:

After rotation this deck is going to be really strong. Have you thought about a Hoopa to switch into when you shuffle against heavy gx decks?

Same with the ninetales but you need 2 slots to work with.

Matt Gregg says:

Trainer Chip and Mahone all in one video. System overload, too much amazingness detected.

Number Six says:

You are on his channel! starts arount the 15 min, 40 mark. You were having a good ol time; he looked like some just kicked his dog. Watching both side by side was weird, but kinda fun as they totally sync up of course.

J Klaassen says:

2nd episode that u kept thinking flyingflip +choiceband is 60 dmg XD

Avari TV says:

Man please pronounce Poipole right lol. It’s like saying Purple but with a New Jersey accent.

Brandon Mac says:

Any chance we can see a video of Golisipod Gx/ Greninja GX/ Decidueye Gx. I’ve been seeing great success online but would love to see your take on it

TheMasterSaurus says:


Corey Pais says:

34K Subs!!! Eyy Congrats Mahone! #mahomies #thisisfine

jaime hernandez says:

Rip every time I use g ninja gx I get destroyed 🙁

cool man XD says:

Great game!

Jake Santiago says:

Will you do a deck profile for this deck?

Phillip Abeita says:

Mahone! Now that you got your own gym, you need to design your own gym badge

Nova1080 says:

Does he say Poipole wrong on purpose or is it like when he mispronounced Giratina for so long? Like, does he really think “poi” sounds like “pee?”

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