Turbo Rayquaza GX / Ho-oh EX – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays turbo Rayquaza GX / Ho oh EX in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Gameplay video. Think this deck has what it takes to compete at the Anaheim Regional Championships this weekend? Watch and find out!

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Richard Jobstmann says:

expended xD

Kevin Krueger says:

yeah, last opponent was definitely going for the wombo combo, cyrus/wishiwashi return to hand/laser/plea gx for bench wipe. Interesting to see dusknoir involved, gives you more outs against decks with only high hp mons, but also reduces consistency?

Cody James says:

Can I get a uhhhhhh a list of this deck? #HappyRusevDay

Richard Jobstmann says:

i like that you play expended too 😀
that format has some waird long first turns xD and item lock and other waird
thinks could happened
but it is a cool format and players who play this format want see crazy shit
something crazy must going on 😀

RizeVize says:

Duel links all the way baby

Malkesh Vaghela says:

We nearly have the same birthday man, I’m on the 16th 🙂

LegendaryCarrot says:

I feel scramble switch would be the better ace spec to play in case there’s energies on ho-ohs and you don’t have enough for a Ray at one point

Noavier says:

Hi andrew, you should try playing swampert / eggs / unown hand with fire energies and scorched earth

Daniel CABRERA says:

More fresh ideas on standar plz. Not sure how popular is expanded vs standard

Tom Klein says:

Any more Standard coming up?

Eric French says:

Ironically, the first person I ever saw use the rebirth ho oh with Ray GX was Darkintegral Donald. Not that it’s bad or anything. He usually focuses more on casual and fun rather than competitive.

slayerbeats pokemon says:

So I wounder if tgis is why I got 3 packs for my ho-oh ex

Alex Wilson says:

We need more JW!

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Never Punished. Hey mahone 1 day to go

Poké Wub says:

Quit being so pessimistic bro.

Tim Melton says:

Now, I suppose we COULD talk about how you could have thinned your deck in the last game of everything but the VS Seeker to guarantee you the win, but I guess we’ll just chalk it up to you being cautious of a surprise Trick Shovel, eh? 😉 #neverpunished

ArtyFarts says:

Shoulda looked at what was in ur opponents deck in the last game

Wimpo Squirl says:

The sylveon guy was playing sylveon Cyrus donk! ( I think) I made a different build but his looks cool too. The idea is you Cyrus your opponent so they shuffle all but 2 pokemon back in, then you use sylveon to plea the other 2 into their hand, and the active dies of poison.

ArtyFarts says:

Don’t play in expanded, so I’m not sure why people use juniper instead of sycamore??

Ishmael Hardin says:

What up guys new player. Never knew you can get so many energy in play at one time turn one i am laughing so hard i am crying. Any ways to learn more strategy or increase my knowledge about cards would be appreciated

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