Turbo Rayquaza GX / Zeraora GX – Expanded Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Turbo Rayquaza GX / Zeraora GX in this Expanded Pokemon Trading Card Game Online gameplay video.

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Luxio 420 says:

Andrew can you try meganium in a gardy list? It allows you to play a stage two onto a basic the turn you play it, allowing for acerola plays

Bukk A says:

I wouldn’t say it’s in a great place, but it is fun to watch

Alex McCorkindale says:

I think you overthink a lot or get an idea then forget to look for options (I’m guilty of doing this at work). In that last game on your last turn You could’ve VS Seekered the Guzma to take out the Hoopa EX.

Alex McCorkindale says:


Dave-O da 3rd says:

I love the commentary for Match 2 bro. You are the man.

pwnd785 says:

First game was annoying watching you fluff around not knowing you had game if you attached milled three times for three attaches from discard then retreated for free for 240 damage

Ultra Pokémon Collector says:

I know someone who got top 64 at Portland with Ray he’s is towards the bottom of the list on Portland of limmetless

ArtyFarts says:

Can we get a straight zeraora GX deck in standard?? Also try using more lightning energy then grass so u can use zeraoras GX attack to get quick kos

Jamesta James says:

Random: Sometimes when I start a hand with no Supporter cards and have a Super Scoop Up, I just use Super Scoop Up for the loss and hope it makes my opponent’s day lol. That would crack me up if I saw my opponent do that.

JustRightGaming says:

For the first game you should have saved the Lightning Energy at the end for Zeraora to do the GX attack to get 5 energies from the discard, if they didn’t have guzma or a way to load up the Gardi you could have pulled out a win.

Thad Saleeby says:

Expanded is like the wild west

Brandon Forosisky says:

you could try to utilize double dragon energies in this deck, adding 60 and possibly being able to load a ray up and attack with it in one turn seems good

Prestige Pokemon says:

Do you do any openings anymore mahone? Miss your openings from deriums

sorajaller says:

That turn one was pretty disgusting…

Marquise Ross says:

Where’s the twitch streams at?? luv ur channel!!

xCorvin666x says:

LMAO that DONK!!!

Andrew Denkus says:


Jackson Lee says:

Try a Zoroark/Ninetales/Solgaleo (Promo) Build, dun see alot ppl building it

ForTheWinTCG says:

Good ol’ Ray

Neon Rayz says:

47:22 Never punished Mahone had guzma for game especially after the top deck vs seeker (Hoopa ex) and still managed to win the hard way with colress rescue stretcher. He truly is never punished lol.

dag dag says:

18:32 “keep things kinda kosher” WHAT THE HELL DID I MISS?

Will Doolittle says:

Bro you should of tried against the hoops deck man

Phillip Abeita says:

I was playing turbo dark and i churned thru half my deck on my first turn going second, got 8 energies in play, then sycamored, then took a KO on a lele gx

AZfish4life 0 says:

How much would it cost to build this deck with real cards ?

Ryan O'Rourke says:

Excellent indignation when faced with the donk deck Andrew. Busted reaction.

Euler Machado says:

Restart the PC and update yeaasss

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Lovely deck

Ying Moua says:

I would have put in the elektric to boost more energy from the discard pile

Thomas Fitzgerald says:

It doesn’t matter if you deck yourself out if u got the knockout you win

Uhlone says:

Been waiting for this!

Jamesta James says:

I wish we had the same format as Japan, OR we just did block format, where it was Sun and Moon on. Then when the new set comes out, it’s just that-on when they get enough packs to do so.

Anthony Da Rosa says:

i really wish you showed the full list at the beginning of the showcase for those less familiar with the format like me, otherwise great content!

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