Twitch Livestream | Pokemon Trading Card Game Full Playthrough [Gameboy Color]]

**This stream was recorded on May 2nd, 2018**

Gameplay starts at: 3:13

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Whistle Blower says: hey this is my music and i spend all my time on it. maybe you like? :)?

Seraphim Cwen says:

Play Dark Souls pls

Oskarsigns! says:

Bruh wtf your uploads disappeared from my subs list. Fuckin YouTube.
Anyway, HYPEEE

jjmello321 says:

All the midrolls up front lol

Farego Poxdecider says:

Kingdom Hearts or Dark Souls.
God does exist…… But is a huge dick.
Ray either going to become insane with DS or go from a not so good game to a good game maybe a card game then a straight path of trash games and days.

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Christopher Greene says:

Shout out to the first video game I ever played.

Squatclown says:

This game came out the year i was born, ive loved pokemon games my entire life, yet 2 decades later i still dont care enough about the tcg to learn how to play.

Zachary Wilson says:

Brings back great memories thanks ray 🙂

A13x15 says:

Oh my fucking god yes this game

Austin Roadman says:


Drake Kalluna says:

What legal case

Jesse Fisher says:

The fact that he actually played this makes me so freakin happy

Kozuto 16 says:

FINALLY!!!!! After 22 years, someone I like explains the card game in a way I can understand! Thank you, Ray!

Weird Gamer Bros says:

Omg I played this game so much

Zachary Levasseur says:

I was a year old when this came out. Jesus

TheBiggerStickWins says:

I still have that cartridge somewhere, the feels…..

Oqlthorp says:

Ray pls play gwent the card game

Someguyhere111 says:

The strat that I’m aware of for the speedrun invovles using Diglett and Dugtrio exclusively. Game can’t start until you have a Diglett, then you use Trainers to get a Dugtrio and just fuck up the enemy team with it XD

Dugtrio’s moveset for anyone wondering is:

Slash: 2 Ground energies + 1 Colourless, 40 damage
Earthquake: 4 Ground energies, 50 damage + 10 to each benched Pokémon on both sides

It also has 70 so can take a few hits, especially if you have potions.

DG Pandas says:

That deck he used was ATROCIOUS. But he made it work GG

Eden Matrix says:

Sometimes I forget how ridiculously bad all the old cards were compared to today.

Slain087 says:

Fun fact: in a speedrun, the tutorial sequence basically takes longer than the entire rest of the game.

RetroShark360 says:

not gonna lie it took me awhile to beat it cause of the end the league was too powerful for my weakass deck

Matthew MJS says:

Play Kingdom Hearts next!!!

Someguyhere111 says:

Holy shit this took me by surprise and now I have to watch the whole thing XD

Seriously, this is one of my favourite games for the Gameboy ever XD The music is so gooooood and it’s just such a great casual fun-time game to play while you’re waiting for something.

For anyone interested, it’s available on the 3DS in the Nintendo e-shop (port, not a remaster).

venomdealer22 none says:

Ah the memories of this game are great.

Can you not says:

fucking Ronald

The Wanderer_YT says:

I had this for my big red gameboy. I sold it and the gameboy in mint condition for $40 because i was strapped for cash

kellen liame says:

Wait. He didn’t like republic commando? That game was an amazing classic!

Gemini Elf says:

The music in this game is some of the best on Gameboy.

Zero Omega says:

Haymaker deck for the win man

Alex Cox says:

Never played the real life game but this game is the shit especially Ronald’s theme

RedStart says:

0:34 Yes Ray, you’re playing yourself.

re: Yamsmos says:

Still more fun than Caravan.

Gainz'n' Games says:

my favorite pokemon game hands down

cody fisher says:

360 op

odd52 says:

Had this game and loved it as a kid but could not remember the name until now thanks Ray.

BigFry9591 says:

YES! I have this game!

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