Ultimate Pokemon TCG STALL AND TROLL Deck! Wishiwashi/Xurkitree/Hoopa! W/ YellowSwellow

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QOTD: favorite tank??
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slash903 says:

QOTD: Wailord

Will J says:

Wailord Gx, The best and only true Tank.

TinyxxMew Rendell says:

Dude you seriously do have strength because you speaking about your mom like this on the internet and if she sees this and takes it the wrong way you could be in big trouble.

JoseInwoo oñe says:

How is this deck versus volcanion?

LightningGmr says:

DUDE!!! You got some balls man! Going in! You know that man quit on life right that last play tho!

Dawkan says:

Gengar CI deck please 😀

Steve Murphy says:

Yo Dennis! There’s a saying that couldnt be more true: Do what you love, love what you do! Keep up with all that you do. One thing from your parent’s perspective that I can see is that with TPCi; there’s never an ‘end-game’- there’s always going to be that next set- and new cards that you’ll need to stay competitive. It’s an endless money pit. However, if you’re able to pay your bills, keep your head above water, have a hot meal- keep doing you! Congrats on your degree!

Lisa shawn Mannuzza says:

Commenting for the cause

Dean Allanson says:

You be you mate. You helped me get back in the game both with cards and online. Of all the Poke-tubers you’re my favourite. Love your commitment to twitch and YouTube content and you’ve got another Patreon sub here. Keep the bling coming too, you make me want to drop £500 on bling… want them tropicals #wails-for-life

Telmo sERRA says:

Dennis show ur mom how important you’r for the comunity, show her u love the game and you want to, get more people to like it, maby kids watch ur vids instead do some bad life choices and they start play pokemon. show her ur opinion counts.

LightningGmr says:

I know the feeling man. I just renewed my lease 🙂 but I might have to move back with my family. I live in Norcal as man my man. I be enjoying Pokemon as well and my parents approve of whatever I do as long as I am happy and move forward in life and can make all my bills. Best of luck man.

Tijn Hollanders says:

CeleSTEELa, how is an ee an u?

Cherrim Gang says:

Ich think you should have the GX More often

Emilio Rubione says:

Dennis be happy dude!! you cant be living your whole life trying to please your parents..it is YOUR life afterall..do what makes you happy. Keep doing those videos if you enjoy it and we’ll be enjoying watching them and supporting. Bes of lucks!

Marcel Bittencourt says:

That last play was golden

Will J says:

If you love playing Pokemon then that’s all what matters. Your parents will eventually come around or maybe not. We’re all proud of staying true to yourself.

GoriNapalm says:

That last handiwork though

8Bitkasper says:

id be like jeez mum look at my subs how many subs you got

Fernando Kaminski says:

The last game was one of the best I have ever seen! Keep on going! I am 39 years old and learned how to play only last year, in order to teach my 6 years old son. When I realized that I wasn’t dealing with a childish toy, but with a very powerful mind game, I built all of the competitive decks and couldn’t get enough of Pokemon TCGO since then.

PizzaLord 13 says:

You’re getting rich screwing off a bunch of sheeple and little kids; what doesn’t she understand

tttrocks says:

Keep up dawwgggggg

IZSM says:

3:20 Well I can imagine it being distressing if your parents don’t understand exactly what you’re doing. Are you an only child? The fact that it’s (sort of) a children’s card game means that you need to explain that what you’re doing is more professional, and that you found a source of income that you could actually rely on.

Dominic Gadalinski says:

It is a regular hoopa not shinning hoopa

Brent Pion says:

I love watching ur videos your 1 of my fav youtubers.

Guadalupe Munoz says:

Hey Dennis wish you the best of luck with your Pokemon journey, hope to see you in Dallas. I know what you mean about your family not supporting my family feels the same and has said the same things like I would outgrow it but hey I’m 26 now and still love.

Calvin Nguyen says:

QOTD: Wailord EX

Ben Campsall says:

I remember playing Wailord when that was standard and let’s say that someone at my locals wasn’t a huge fan of the deck xD

Braiden Wilson says:

QOTD Decidueye gx if it counts

Erick Williams says:

lets goooooooooooooo!!! (do your thing dennis, do whatchu love b…) good luck 🙂

EvoWhistle says:

Rockruff new META????? lmao best new competitive card.

Emilio Rubione says:


Alexander Izzard says:

Kangaskhan! The old mega with lopunny damage counter spread!

Paolo Picariello says:

I follow a few more “poketuber” , have to admit you are definitely one of my favorites. I hope everything works out well for you.

Ingo Oldenborgh, van says:

QOTD: Qaugsire, I don’t know why people don’t like him, but I love him

applesandshoes says:

Teach me your ways senpai

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