Ultra Necrozma GX / Malamar – Pokemon TCG Online Tournament

Andrew Mahone plays Ultra Necrozma GX / Malamar in a Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Tournament. Can Andrew defeat seven other players in this 8 person bracket? Watch and find out!

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Jamesta James says:

13:00 I didn’t realize Malamar’s received damage from Jet Punch was also -20 because of Mewtwo’s ability?

Tony Wu says:

Attaching the Beast Energy instead of the third Psychic Energy to the Ultra Necrozma GX in order to knock out the Zoroark GX would have been a better play. Beast Energy would act like a Choice Band despite not being relevant towards your attack cost.

Xander Homeschool says:

Andrew can i ask you somthin

Jamesta James says:

By the way- you had less than 2 minutes left in the last match. The time is halfed in tournaments.

Alex McCorkindale says:

Does anyone else think that Beast Ring should be nerfed so that you have to be behind in prizes to use it?

Ismat Beg says:

At the 32nd minute, you could’ve psychic recharge once to lele, guzma his golisopod, and psychic recharge into ultra necrozma, then Tapu Cure GX. That way you would’ve saved your ultra and he can’t stop you from nuking the next turn.

Jack Muad'Dib says:

I think if you had started the third game by attaching the psychic energy and choice band to your lele and then Sycamore-ing, you’ll be in a better place to fight if had too.

void says:

yo andrew, that spitfire shirt is dope. been enjoying the extra streams lately, hope to see more.

Robb Anderson says:

Do you have a list for this version? I like the blend of attackers in there 🙂 also love these tournament vids!

K0R0SU says:

hard luck at the end dude :c , you had the worst draws eveeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr, still you managed to do something there ! great game !

Euler Machado says:


dj lamby says:

Even without choice band on mewtwo could also feild blower away fury belt but anyway both works

Cod Mic Gra says:

Should’ve Tapu Cured that last game to save your Necrozma

Prestige Pokemon says:

Great video. Love ultra Necrozma. Hoping to pull one soon

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Hey mahone loved the video. I am loving this new series. Wow

Brian Miller says:

33:29 put 1 recharge on lele guzma up lele put the other recharge on ultra and tapu cure

Kyle Goguen says:

I wish more theme decks were viable, feels like only mach strike and the executor one works in the tournaments

Andeket Seven says:

Keep Up these Vids Andrew and stay awsome Also Keep The Livestreams going and i will keep coming

william james says:

Can I use your tickets? Lol.

thatguy00271 says:


Spyros Rokas says:

hey havn’t played for like a year so 2 questions first is it worth coming back and how many packs is tapu lele worth right now

Venken Robin says:

what is the decklist?

JamesF says:

any chance we would see an updated list on this deck soon?

Ghostdog 009 says:

You didn’t open any packs! Dx

PCourie: Stuck in Alohaville says:

Love tournaments!

Richie Rich says:


adam glover says:

!lele hahah purplecliffe get it no you dont dang it

jaime hernandez says:

Rip if u play tournaments u always have to play counter psychic

Mitchell Ellis says:

Tournament is dope af

Silverjackie says:

Should of put down that float stome on tapu lele so you could of retreated into ultra Necrozma gx for game. I was shouting saying that

Jamesta James says:

I get paired with decks like a grass box, or I get paired with 3 Buzzwole’s or Malamar’s in a row, no matter my win streak. I’ve tried to study if it has a pairing system, but my opinion is it’s random. I fought Caterpie to get my 8th win a couple months back and I’ll never forget that lol.

rojoshow13 says:

I think the tournaments are simply first come first served… you enter and the first 8 people who enter and it starts…then it starts a new bracket with zero people… so the next 8 people get matched up. And then in regular games, I think it just matches 2 people searching for a game in the same format. And when it says advantage for someone it has nothing to do with the win loss record or type advantage or quality of deck…it’s just if you’re on the first rung of the current rewards ladder and they’re on the 3rd rung, it’ll say that they have an advantage.

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