Ultra Necrozma GX / Malamar vs Gardevoir GX / Gallade – Pokemon TCG Table Top Game Play

Andrew Mahone plays Ultra Necrozma GX / Malamar vs Riley Hulbert playing Gardevoir GX / Gallade in this Pokemon Trading Card Game tabletop game.

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Josh Freeman says:

Been waiting to see this!!!!!

Fantastic Kitten says:

So Andrew, you’ve lately been discussing the rebranding of your channel in a few instances and I wanted to give my opinion. I think that it is very important that your real name is part of your channel-name because I believe a big portion of people learn about you for the first time, including me, through the pokemon event livestreams. Currently if you search your name this channel does pop up as the first suggestion but if your real name was in the channel-name there would be no doubt for anyone that this is your channel. It would also be easier to take credit for event wins if your name was part of the channel’s name, or at least that is what I think. Besides it feels more authentic and professional imo.

vyzual says:

Does anyone else think there was a little too much exposure on the video? Lighting seemed very bright

Caden Phelps says:


Coolhand 118 says:

Andrew have you considered playing the regular necrozma gx in that deck?

Penny Branch says:

5th yay.

Rene Mendoza says:

Absolutely loving the table top games!!!!!!!!!

pokemaster 500 says:

Go mahone

Taylor Thompson says:

What about renaming this channel to something like Mahone’s Determination, obviously a reference to your huge Misty collection. Love the channel, keep up the great work!

Bobby Garcia says:

Andrew is bae

tengtx says:

this is why i hate the ultra necrozma deck sometimes. it just bricks hard and by the time you can get the deck going your oppenents is already way ahead of you on field set up.

Diamond Lover says:

I love your vids and you helped me win a prerelease.THANK YOU!

BananaInfinity says:

*super stoked*

StarkMaximum says:

Okay fine Mahone I’ll use this one jeez

Josh Smith says:


Matt Gregg says:

Nice video, dos Diantha immediately go in Gardy?

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