Ultra Necrozma GX / Malamar vs Lapras GX and Crabominable – Pokemon TCG Online Game Play

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Andrew Mahone plays Ultra Necrozma GX / Malamar vs Lapras GX and Crabominable in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online game play video. Check out this brand new Forbidden Light Pokemon TCG deck in action!

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Bobby Garcia says:

Andrew is bae

Riahisama says:

I feel like you are not using ultra necrozma enough, you don’t like it?

Brian Sciarratta says:

Also thank you for the shadowless blastoise!!! It’s a great feeling to win something and I already received it in the mail.

Breloopharos says:

Poor Sabrina has a broken ankle

Richie Rich says:


NeoWeo says:

#LOVETHECHANNELMAKEOVER ur channel will live forever

leftstanding says:

IMO you NEED to play 2 lele + 2 brigette + 4 mysterious treasures + 4 ultra balls + 3~4 max elixirs + 10~11 psychic energies + 4 float stones. with this you’re pretty much guaranteed turn one brigette (Dawn Wings + 2 Inkay + Ultra Necrozma minimum setup) and turn two have 1~2 Malamar and hit for 180~210~260 with Ultra Necrozma or hit for weakness with Dawn Wings. You need to be able to pull this off consistently or you shouldn’t bother and play buzzrock instead.

Ying Moua says:

Can I get the diance buzzwole and lycanroc deck and a slyveon mill deck with a few trainers for all my codes Mahone?

Avari TV says:

Honestly man not a fan of this list. Too much RNG and not consistent enough.

xJund says:

can you post the updated decklist please?

Brian Sciarratta says:

Good stuff Andrew!! Thanks for keeping the content up to date every day for us even when you are as busy as you are.

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Loved that playmat.



P.S. I love it!

Mimikyu Militia says:

Like I said on FB yesterday, Mahone Raisin’ Hell, it’s trickay !


Smarties in the EU is a sweet suger candy that is shaped almost identically to M&M’S

Oliver Phoenix says:

Good to see a couple matchups with ultra necrozma just getting bodied, helps figure out how to make it better

Josh E says:

That play mat!!!! IS SICKENING!!! Can you do an Erica one after?!?!?!?! Great game play by the way…

Havathaught says:

Seeing that Sabrina playmat made me realize just how much I want an Erika/Bellossom playmat.

BananaTree Gaming says:

Andrew, you are going to Madison right?

Gage Powell says:

Why gerintina though?

Matthew Hall says:

Hey Andrew, love the deck list, I’ve been focusing exclusively on this deck since release. I like having 2 parallel city in it. What is your opinion of parallel city in the deck and if you had to cut 2 cards to make space what 2 would they be?

PGHEWrexham says:

In the UK Maynard’s, are just called wine gums, I have never heard some say ‘let’s gets some Maynard’s”.

Brandon Tschirhart says:

Could you do a video about the competitive pokemon scene? Im new to playing and want to know where to find regionals, how to get worlds points, what are league cups? Etc… your vids are awesome keep up the good work!

Dakota Davey says:

I think brigette is still the ideal turn one supporter. The brigette play is just so much more consistent. As last long as you have a draw supporter in hand benching a lele for the Lilly never feels that good.

Malkesh Vaghela says:

It’s funny that you mention watching it at lunch because I’m doing that exact thing right now! Thanks Andrew!

DS10 Football Channel says:


Xaby 3 says:

In germany smarties are chokolate buttons

jeff m says:

Deck list sucks. Not sure who made it and not to offend you but that deck seems really really bad. Not optimized at all

victor hugo umanzor says:

Quad lapras new metaaaa, that game was AWESOMEEEE

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