Ultra Necrozma GX / Malamar vs Zoroark GX / Garbodor – Pokemon TCG Online Tournament

Andrew Mahone plays Ultra Necrozma GX / Malamar vs Zoroark GX / Garbodor in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online gameplay video. Watch as Andrew tries to figure out the best play for the Pokemon World Championships!

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Cody James says:

Can I make a meme about you Andrew?

terceirafire says:

9:30. Attach beast. Psychic recharge knockout? And the beast stays attached

Carlos M Traverzo Acevedo says:

Andrew any plans to stream in Twitch??

J Long says:

I’m really hoping that ultra necrozma is still viable, because i feel like I’m being told to make one (I’ve pulled 4 of them) so i just started making a deck for it.

Ger Moua says:

You shouldn’t have evolved the inlay yet. You shouldve beast ring onto the ultra necro first, manually attached the psychic onto the active inkay, manually retreat and then evolve the inkay and psychic recharge to your bench

nacho enpiedra says:

9:12 Tapu Cure GX!!!!!!!! 🙁

ArtyFarts says:

Pls start using post rotation decks

Peter Koutoujian says:

4th like!

Dann1cus says:

Are you and Natalie together? If not, why not?!?! You guys would be perfect together.

james oconnor says:

8:06 I don’t have a float stone yes you do

Brett Fett says:

Gonna be so glad with garbotoxin and parallel out of the format. Will give setup decks an actual chance in this format. A lot more stage 2 decks will be viable and big basics get less big lol

james oconnor says:

Please swampert it’s my favorite deck

Ryan Patt says:

Just play parallel

OBC_hai says:

8th 😉

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Hey mahone. I think that rayquaza gx is the deck for worlds and also post rotation.

Alex Edes says:

My favorite deck to play in meta atm. You can hit so hard and pretty much counter your threats in the meta.

NDogg15 says:

Parallel City should have never been printed as-is. It’s a stupidly broken one-sided card. Imagine if Sky Field were one-sided and ho dumb that would be. So why should this have existed? It should have been printed as a regular stadium that limits both players like most other lingering disruption effects.

Andy Attaway says:

Jesus christ dude.. Dawn Wings is the most important card in the deck and you are just discarding them. You only need float stone to attach to dawn wings.

K0R0SU says:

i played 10 games yesterday, all of them zoroark gx / garbodor, insane deck ! can’t stand for the rotation to eat those decks

Yugioh Legend says:

Just finished my day at school and now I can watch Mahone play some Pokémon! Hell yeah! What deck or decks will you be playing or testing with with the upcoming rotation? Just curious to see the new meta game and see what decks fall out of the meta, and what newer decks come into the meta. Like Shiftry, etc. Thanks Mahone always for the amazing content! Don’t listen to the haters. They are just jealous that they aren’t as skilled as you 🙂

Ryan Patt says:

Take out beast ring and use mew instead of mew two ! Ultra necrozma rocks bro

NDogg15 says:

I don’t think anyone’s gonna fall for a bluff when you sit there for a full minute lol

Bradley says:

Post-rotation the Mewtwo should probably be swapped for the baby Dawn Wings with Sword of Dawn. The value of the ability to Beast Ring to your 1-prize attacker is way too high and the buff from 100 to 130 damage is way better at muscling your way through 2-prizers which is kinda what you want your 1-prizer to do.

Richie Rich says:


Alex McCorkindale says:

Zoroark should be limited. It’s way OP

Feral Streamer says:

Keep building upon ultra necrozma!! I watch like and share each video!

Xander Homeschool says:


gjb2003 says:


Josh Casper says:

Have you ever thought about using alter of the moon to make retreats easier?

Peter Koutoujian says:

Can you do regular necrozma malamar? Please!

Sky IsEqualToUp says:

Hey Andrew!!!

Bo A says:

No one likes watching a Negative Nancy. Holy crap, play another deck and don’t post a video of you complaining the whole video. Jeez man. Go release some stress or something.

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