Ultra Prism Booster Box! Pokemon TCG unboxing

Pokemon Opening: Ultra Prism Booster Box! Today starts the day where we will be opening Pokemon Ultra Prism booster packs for the Pokemon Card Game.

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DiminishDom says:

360p and audio all in my left ear. Nope

The Relentless Naxi says:

No more cool titles anymore??! 🙁

The Antmaster says:

What happened to Dan though? Haven’t seen him in a while

Poke' Apocalypse says:

Goodness this set is gonna be so great to open, Eeveelution hype <3

L T says:

You missed a cyintha

holykris2 says:

Eww your guys sound is one sided o.o

EpickNuts 25 says:

Why is the quality so bad meh but it’s what ever at least I can still watch the vid

Paul Yang says:

Wassup with the quality, or its just my computer?

Pokgi-World says:

another box and no luck on the gold

Avari TV says:

Audio’s kinda broken man

Cmacpride1 says:

how is everyone feeling with these boxes. I feel like the pull rates are still a bit low

Unsraw King says:

What’s with the audio?.

Danielle Lynch says:

Love it that u always laugh when u pull the Trump card lol

Nick Teves says:

I haven’t seen a 2 Prism box in a while. From all the videos I’ve watched if you get 2 Prisms you get 3 full arts with one being a HR/SR and 3 regular ultras but if you get 3 prisms you only get 2 full arts and not guaranteed one is a HR/SR and then 3 regular URs. So basically if you get a 3rd Prism you know you’re only getting 5 hits and only 2 full arts. I feel like the pull rates should of been increased for this set.

Anti-Phantom says:

I’m only here for box flips!

Jurre v.d Meulen says:

A bit of audio problems

The And Empire says:

You open a lot of Pokémon. How much money do ya even spend?!?

David T says:

the quality and sound is a bit werid? Why

fat mew Dudes says:


josh Brz says:

I opened two booster boxes and a elite trainer box of guardians rising and still not one tapu lele i want to smash my head on a rock

River Trieu says:

why was this recorded on a toaster?

Keirnan Eadie says:

ehh im the 1000th view

j l says:

90th like, 674th viee

me909388 says:

Why was this recorded at 360p?

Joshua Trevino says:

This was a great box, and yeah this set is wayyyyy better then Crimson Invasion. Thx for the vid guys!

Joeystar924 says:

Derium with the “who’s Dan” troll

Ash - Ishaan says:

Nice pulls!

IZANAMI イりア says:

Very profit box!

#00750 xxSkyrim Lover says:


flaredmule 90 says:

Ohhh “havnt heard of Dan before” that sounded a little bitchy aha

Sleeping Snorlax TCG says:

Why 360p!? My PS4 usually says these vids are 4k

Matteo Gagliardi says:

What’s better, ultra prism or guardians rising?

Charles Bart says:

There’s a wash rotom where’s the dryer rotom

Markus Simbajon says:

Nice vid!

Jill Florian says:

Good job!


360p Club!

Supreme player says:

Good video

Steel Eagle says:

Had to flip my headphones for this video but otherwise a good video!

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