Use the Buddy System in Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Team Up!

You’ve never seen the buddy system work quite like this. 😉
These Pokémon pairs are primed for battle in the latest Pokémon Trading Card Game expansion: Sun & Moon—Team Up! Check out the cards and tell us which pairing you’re most excited for!

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The Rc Master6042 says:

Guys fix the booster boxes, they can be mapped.

Raphy Studio says:


Lord of Drago says:

When celebi is paired with venasaur instead of grovyle what has this world come to

Koxu 2006 says:

Magikarp najlepszy

Pyrogoon says:

And to animation too, of course! ^_^

Doomscizor 7 says:

Why is it that when I quit something the good stuff releases first with beyblade turbo now Pokémon why

Steak Czar says:

“Gengar and Mimikyu achieved support level B”

Annoying Dog says:

This is the best photoshop pokemon trailer i ever see.

Naief Alromi says:

These are soooo cooool

DaedricStormblade says:

Why was celebii not paired with dialga?

MangleFox GirlBR says:

I have Celebi and Venusaur and Gengar and Mimikyu XD

Ancient Mew says:

Can we get another pokemon game for mobile?

Boi raptor says:

Walp. 90% of the ground pokemon are DEAD by wailord 10% of the pokemon how can fly. WELL THEY ARE LUCKY LOL

William Vellair says:

My pokeimon go is bokdendndnd

XGamingTimeX X says:

Pokemon Brick Bronze

XGamingTimeX X says:

Pokemon Brick Bronze

Frosted gaming says:

I expected a snorlax and wailord

Wall nut says:

0:11 *gosh they are fat*

Frosted gaming says:

Wailord and magikarp omg lol

latios latias says:

It makes sense with latias and latios together because their brother and sister

Eeveelution Solution says:

Thisbis how the tcg trailers should be done

Dan Siam Cool Atupan says:

Macargo and resheram

Rand0m Things You May Like says:


Drew Gamer says:

So beautiful

Anthony Cereno says:

nice expansion guys!

XGamingTimeX X says:

Pokemon Brick Bronze

Janiz Makudomaru says:

So they are using CF Vanguard’s unused Legion thing? Cool.

Cassandra lps says:

J adore

AH B says:

Hmmm. Two identical male/female commandos with immense psychic power and the ability to fly almost as fast as a fighter jet vs…

A pansexual fox and one big boi.

Little007 says:

Where is blissey and rayquaza

S.C.A.R says:

Why did you delete pokemon brick bronze

Heavy Gunner says:

My fave in my opinion is Venusaur and Celebi

Xenakeyblademaster says:

I didn’t realize this set was out until like a week ago and picked up a few packs. Ended up pulling the Pikachu and Zekrom GX card. Was nicely surprised.

Caleb Loh says:

Will Gen 8 of Pokemon come out in January 2020?

Javier Aldoney says:

Hey it will be cool uf you make a miniseries ok Pokemon rescue team that from squirtle chikorita and charmander

Vonny Fake says:

Team up set is the best

Koxu 2006 says:

Latios and latias ???

Brenton Taylor says:

0 out of 10.
Wailord isn’t paired with Skitty

Mimikyu 17 says:

Finały mimikyu have a friend!

Christina Neese says:

In a world where all you need in life is a friend, new journeys awaken and new friendships will be discovered. So grab your buddies, discover new places, and remember to Team Up to reach your goals in life. This is pokemon tcg sun and moon team up. Helped you out with the commercial there. You can use it since I helped create it. The slogan I mean.

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