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This is the Pokémon Trading Card Game! Not the actual card game, but the Game Boy Color game! It’s the TCG from back when it was still actually good. I’ve never played this before, but I’ve heard good things and I want to give it a shot.

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Red Silvers says:

My first job was getting paid to play the card game. Back then I had two decks. One was a Nidoran/Jigglypuff based deck and one was a Alakazam/Gengar based.

Kungpow Panda says:

Does Jared take recommendations? I’d love to see Pokemon Pinball.

Esteban Rodríguez says:

“Your deck sucks, all your pokemon do is cry”
Yep, not the best of tactics

TheWackerly says:

I created multiple decks that were evenly matched with each other and with the starter decks available at the time so I could play with my friends who did not collect Pokémon cards. My favourite deck that I created was an Electric/Psychic deck.

Verdic Gorishmal says:

That was a well played game, especially from having nothing on your bench and only a Caterpie to start.

Back in the day I had a psychic deck centered around Rocket Mewtwo, Abra and its evolution states, and Unknown.

ThatAlex says:

i love this series, brings back memories. Please keep playing to the end!

Kungpow Panda says:

19:53 I did it too. Omg.

Shawn Heatherly says:

Well, it seems like the bug deck is working out.

MystBunnyGaming says:

What deck did I use? On this game? The starter deck because I could never beat anybody and rage quit.

Chris Schmidt says:

Check the computer more often to get packs and stuff

Tucks Plays says:

I’d love to see you finish this game

newgaara37 says:

Not sure how cards like Impostor Professor Oak are practical in the tcg, but in Yugioh, making your opponent shuffle their hand back + hand knowledge is really good. But, I haven’t play yugi seriously in two years and I just kinda dropped out of all card games… it’s nice to see this though. Makes me miss playing card games all together.

Lunova says:

I love the lack of creativity this card game has. Just flip a coin to decide everything. Also there’s just an anti-version of every card. Wow imposter professor oak. Woah a counter energy, they really went all out for this game.

RedSalamander says:

Long ago, I built the Energy Removal Deck from this game in real life. Featuring Pokemon who had attacks which… erased the energy from their targets. Golduck and Dragonair were there, but the star of the deck was Poliwrath. How many other cases could you consider Whirlpool a better move than Hyper Beam? (Eh, maybe more than I thought when I typed it; Whirlpool at least COULD have utility in the RPGs.)

Chris Lewis says:

6:10 anyone notice the song, reminds me of FF8 card battle lol.

Accelerator says:

imposter Prof Oak does have a good use; if your opponent has a lot of cards in their hand, it will cause them to lose them all. but other then that, it’s really not worth having.

Mark Mahoney says:

That’s the way, Jared! Never give up! Trust your instincts! You’ve become so strong, Jared….

meteor_dropkick says:

Glad you’re having a great time.

kyuubinaruto17 says:

When playing this game I always rocked the fire deck, with the charmander and ponyta lines as my main offense. If you have a couple double colorless energy Charizard can wreck the enemy team since his power turns any energy into fire. And Rapidash has a 30 damage move that also has a chance to block any damage or status ailments from your opponents next move.

Jared ughing at computer search. *Shakes head.* If your hand is worthless then giving up two cards to grab your ace pokemon is well worth the cost. Or just grab a Professor Oak with it and get a new 7 card hand. Caterpie may have barely come out on top, but think of how useful that search would have been.

Darkquoter says:

Why can I imagine Jared in the Pokemon card game world, beating the snot out of the rock gym trainers, and telling them to give up their career in Pokemon cards? Also, I can imagine that being a career..

Zetru says:

My deck was mono fire, I had 4 Bills, 4 Energy Search, 2 Gambler and some other cards to draw cards, 4 Ponyta and 4 Rapidash, along with other fire pokemons like Magmar, Charmander tree, Growlithe, etc. Very op deck, but I think the color doesn’t matter when you have so many “draw cards” cards. I was ready to destroy on turn 3 every game.

Riku Masamune says:

I use and still use a Psyshock (Psychic/Electric) deck.

Lazruth Costa says:

17:46 Well, to be fair, I think that’s the best that they can do against Scyther.

patu8010 says:

I had a fire and colorless deck that was probably utter shit because I didn’t care so much about having a good deck. I just put all my cool pokemon in there.

I vividly remember someone who had four Articunos in a deck. I thought that was hardcore.

PetFriendAmy says:

That switch/retreat play was super pro, I love it

Pól Mac Ana says:

Computer Search: best card in base format; Jared “that doesnt seem good”

Gerrion says:

Pack clarification: The Base, Jungle and Fossil Sets have been distributed through the game’s unique booster collections alongside a few unique cards (such as Ditto in 12:15).

Christian Kettlewell says:

I feel like I usually started with the Charmander deck and would try to get Charmeleon / Rapidash out on the field asap until I got boosters for better cards. This game is great

Sherita Matthews says:

Well I didn’t have one then. Butbi do now of lycanroc dusk.

wildefice1 says:

I was so bad at this game growing up farthest I ever made it was 5 medals…
I didnt know how to change and modify decks so I had the basic charmander and friends deck the whole time, which looking back at it was rather impressive that i managed to get that far with the basic deck that was handed to me… i was still a trashcan though

Hiku Matsune says:

imposter professor oak seems like a good card against people who spam oak and bill 🙂

Darkquoter says:

He laughs at it now, but fast forward to video #38 when Jared needs Computer Search to find the last piece of Exodia in his deck to beat the Pokemon trading card Champion.

Renato Corvaro says:

Catching up on some Jared. I wish I could see these videos when they come out every day, but life gets in the way, and sometimes I have to wait a few days.

Reyquiem says:

That boss music is soooo good. XD

WhiteDragonTile says:

Please finish this 🙂
It super fun to watch and makes me want to play this game again.

MrAsap2000as says:

I don’t know if things have changed but i never found any reasons to brick and slow down my deck by using evolving Pokemons. Just run a team of Hitmonchans.

Ilthimar says:

If you duel them again, and you win, they’ll give you additional booster packs.

Something to note for deckbuilding.

Hiushisan says:

I’m Still trying to collect enough cards for a good Jumpluff deck, Some of those Jumpluff cards are Nuts!

LightningFastStudios says:

the boss music in this game is such a fucking bop

Cyber Robert says:

If you want to make a bug deck, I suggest you go to the Science Club. Their decks are built around poisons and bug based Pokemon of the Grass energy subtype.

Infinity Master says:

ProJared basically had *Joey Wheeler luck* with that Caterpie. Unbelievable….. lol

brightkharma says:

Never played the actual game but I am still collecting a crap ton of cards

Cwovictor says:

Don’t forget to check for Oak’s emails, for free stuff!

biofreak7 says:

I wish they made another Pokemon TCG similar to this one with nowadays mechanics (yes I am aware there is a PC app, but it sucks)

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