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This is the Pokémon Trading Card Game! Not the actual card game, but the Game Boy Color game! It’s the TCG from back when it was still actually good. I’ve never played this before, but I’ve heard good things and I want to give it a shot.

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Lrr_Of_Omikron says:

I could watch this all day, everyday. I wish the episodes were like an hour long.

David Almirall says:


Goidman says:

One day, I believe Jared will read Gambler, and on that day, he will have lost from fatigue.

Marc Fox says:

I hope you Re Read gambler lol it shuffles into deck not discard

Marcelo Severino says:

You suck at the game Jared… Listen to your comments

Scourge Neo says:

The second he said “net decker” I laughed my ass off, because that’s such a card player thing to say XD

KefkeWren says:

Anyone else just _screaming_ for Jared to use his trainer cards?

Luke T. says:

Well imo we had less sexism in 2000 than nowadays in 2019 because of the growing radical-left

Nacho says:

You missed out on the Mewtwo from the last tournament ;-;

Shane Smith says:

This episode is so fetch.

Live Forever says:

If you spam the coin flips you’re always gonna end with almost no heads. Btw coin flips are super easy to cheese

Johnathan Putz says:

Challenge hall is where you get the promo cards

CTB says:

Net decker is someone who looks online for deck builds, Ms. Editor.

strangeshyguy says:

Jared please read the description of Gambler, you shuffle your hand into your deck you don’t discard it.

Anon Amously says:

Finally the tournament arc

Juan D'Marco says:

Wait, the first opponent is also called Jared? Is it a coincidence or is that opponent scripted to have the same name as the player?
Or did the announcer say Jared’s name twice for whatever reason?

Another question, why are the letters in Jared’s name wider than any other in-game text?

Nestrior says:

Thank you Miss Editor for your comments. Makes me feel better because I am not the only one screaming at him for not playing certain cards.

Mr. Wonky says:

if the card in your hands are not being used, they are not useful enough to stubbornly hang onto instead of getting a fresh hand with cards you actually need. Go get some Bills, and replace those useless potions and pluspowers. If you have 2 super potions, you don’t need potions at all.

Yami says:

Jared, this is when you enforce your rule of reading the card. Gambler doesn’t discard your hand, it throws your hand back in the deck. It may have backfired either way maybe. But it is better (and possibly worse) than Professor Oak.
Also, very important to note that in the tournament (and the Grand Masters) you can switch your decks after each opponent you defeat.

kiervets says:

gambler shuffles cards from your current back into your deck then draws the cards based on coin flip / so if you have a hand of 8 or more cards it can never deck you out in fact it can refill your deck after you hardcore draw early game

- Lijosu - says:

ms editor is the ultimate backseat gamer

gurvmlk says:

“Do it, Persian! Keep pouncing!”
Or… You know… Just keep Jynx pinned with one pounce, then start whaling on it.

sora8711 says:

11:20 Editor seems confused so I’ll clarify a “Netdecker” is someone who cannot create their own deck, so they look online to see what the best or well performing decks are, and copy them.

I’ve no idea if this is still traditionally done in other card games, but it’s really prevalent in Hearthstone.

Aldo Aldana says:

love you editor xD … was the same with the USE the super energy removal hahaha

Tucks Plays says:

Great episode Jared!

Absol The darkness says:

I love you so much Jared

arsia says:

i remember playing a butterfree and beedrill deck back in the day, since they were nice both without retreat cost

Gungho73 says:

Your editor is great. I’m appreciating them more and more as I watch this series!

lvcsslacker says:

so 2 double colorless and a fire on charizard… that gives you 5 fire energy on charizard, yeah?

mega sean says:

We really need a 3DS or Switch game of Pokemon TCG with all/most Pokemon TCG series’ since it’s inception with updates every time new series’ are released. I’d buy it in a heartbeat! 😀

NoxVulpine says:

Today Jared taught me what the Sunken Cost Fallacy is. Neat!

HellHathNoFuryAtAll8 says:

If projared had read my comment several episodes ago, he could have participated in the first challenge cup as well lol

Cerbius25 says:

I said super energy removal like, 8 times and then Ms. Editor said it as well! Glad I wasn’t the only one screaming at my monitor

TheMusrich888 says:

The first challenge cup was after obtaining 3 medals. Once the 4th medal was received, the challenge cup concluded.

Some Pony says:

I started playing this game again recently to try building various decks. And I gotta say, my Beedrill deck is probably my favorite. Poisoning the opponent and dealing 40 damage in one turn is just too silly to pass up, and if all else fails Beedrill has a Retreat Cost of 0. With Tangela, Scyther, and Koffing backing him up, Beedrill can easily beat most of this game’s Elite Four.

Atmapalazzo says:

It really isn’t sunken cost, Kangaskhan is a worthwhile investment for comet punch.

Cronos Videography says:


PixelGoat says:

An opinion thrown out into left field, but even when this game came out, I thought that Ronald looks like a young Tom Cruise, if he was a Pokemon trainer…all he needs to do is mutter,”…You’re a jerk!” when you beat him, lol!

Nick Fabie says:

Coin flip can be manipulated. Rapid button presses aren’t that helpful

watcherFox says:

That was like, really painful watching turn after turn with Persian near dead while he’s sitting there holding a super potion and placing lots of energy on pokemon that will never use it. x.x

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