Volcanion EX vs Zoroark GX / Lycanroc GX – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Volcanion EX vs Zoroark GX / Lycanroc GX on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online in this gameplay video.

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Choice Band says:

You failed Volcanion 🙁

Togepi TCG says:

god i love these lol

The Gameing Times says:


Tim McPherson says:

Loved the video, couldn’t stand the girl…lol Fine, Fine, So fine. You’re fine. Fine Fine Fine Fine……..just saying 😀

Luiz Rosales says:

Nice video

Piku Studio Animation says:

Andrew, do not use fury belts.

KbukGolf says:

Tapu Lele

Shark Tails says:

Can you do 100 tins and do a give away

Exxessive Battler Victor// Blue Wave Marshal Valeos says:

do u know da wae

ElectricVibez HD says:

Love your ho oh tattoo, saw it on twitter earlier so shout out to ho oh and your artist

Casual Pokemon tcg says:

Please do an updated volcanion deck profile a non silvalley gx version

BigO says:

Nice video keep up the good work

Pixel gamer 24 says:

7th notification squad yay

Choice Band says:

Yay my favourite deck

-Ender- says:

I click on video: 3 views. Video loads: 889 views. Youtube Logic.

Jonathan Dixon says:

I hope you are looking at the comments. Plz like if u are

GavinDoesPokémon 252 says:

I sent u a Friend request I want to ask if u have any spare Shaymina, or Leles

Quotentote says:

i love watching andrew cause hes so chill. natalie is annoyingly hyper. pls stahp D:

Unlisted Fire says:

uhhhh……. wasn’t the girl next to you supposed to be good using that deck she didn’t say anything except its fine. I play a deck a lot like this one and that girl as dumb as a wiener dog.

ashiqur rahman says:

Cool gaming video

The Clash King says:

Everyone smash that like button and subscribe and turn notifications on because Andrew is amazing!!!!

Professor Pokemon says:

Can I get a shoutout?

Bubba's List says:

You are the man Andrew. I think playing Volcanion can be a headache but also very fun when things are going well . I really enjoy your commentary and knowledge of the game. Keep on keeping on man. Loving this channel

Antoni Mazurek says:


C• Zulen says:

Natalie WHY!!!!????

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