Wishiwashi GX – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays two games on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online with his new Wishiwashi GX deck which includes cards from the brand new expansion, Dragon Majesty! Can the rogue Wishiwashi GX take on the metagame with the new tools it gets from Dragon Majesty? Watch and find out!

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TheHero 2550 says:

Would not Mr. Mime do the same as Machoke? And only need a nest ball. Either way, this deck is good. I faced one with acerola’s, which meant i had to one-shot for knock-outs. Ultra necrozma can do it, but still tough

PokemonMasterDarkrai says:

Instead of playing Machoke why not play 4 nest balls and 2 PFCs and play some sky pillars to prevent bench damage

x5xruud says:

Why play Underground Expedition?

Dadizard says:

WOW .. amazing

bernieswim says:

I’m not sure how this deck counters Hoopa. Is there a tech that can fit?

Coolhand 118 says:

I like this deck 🙂 i wanted to build this to

ShiningPaperMoon says:

Hey Andrew,
I just played my very first league cup after about a month of playing the game. I managed to make top4, beating out players making top64 in phily. Just wanted to say thank you for your content and teaching me so much in such a short time! Love the channel, love your vids ❤

Happy Lapras says:

The holo tapu koko is from a Pin Collection Box and the celestial storm 3 pack blisters

JaChamp78 says:

Don’t sleep on wishi-washi can be built in a great way

Megaman says:

hey you should look into hey you should look into Porygon rare candy and Porygon-Z. It has the old Espeon ability to devolve. Maybe you can add it into the shrine deck. For this deck you might want to look into adding Volcanion prison and some aqua patches

Wilson Xie says:

why dont u play max potion

applesandshoes says:

I used machoke, aqua patch, and 2 DCE. Torrential vortex for 200!

Shane Dezorzi says:

The koko is from the new 3 pack blister packs.but also wanted to say love the videos

TcgMike says:

What card has sky scorching gx? Im a vintage player so im not too familiar with standard

Kyle Adsuara says:

Will you build a dragon majesty deck or nah.

spike dezzy says:

Lolol so fun

Nadav sc says:

Water gun for ga,e is hands down the best way to finish a game of!

PotatoRohn says:

Take out machoke throw in sky pillar

Nouschka Bosch says:

That shiny koko promo is from the Celestial Strom 3-pack blisters! It’s an alternate art from the first flying flip koko tho.
Also, very interesting deck to see. Not great, but fun to see. Keep it up 🙂

Ying Moua says:

Ppppppllllllzzzz play this in expanded with fighting fury belts for even more health

SCW Leung says:

You need 2-2 Quagsire for non GX attack and moving energy to Wishi GX for 2nd attack. And of coz 4 aqua patch and 1-2 DCE for charging up the GX. Machoke is better than sky pillar, u just need to know what deck is the opponent playing, then u can decide machoke is needed in that game or not

Beau McCutcheon says:

I been playing this deck for a few days, I play allot of Stadium cards, and 4 Alolan vulpix and 3 ninetails. Super scoop up, Max potion, rescue stretcher, sky pillar* for bench defence, did have Po town, but dumped it.

Jacob Donabedian says:

Drink some water

MazterP28 says:

Use weakness policy lol

Johnny Sierra says:

Pls show deck lists before you start a match from now on

Euler Machado says:


Riley Hulbert says:

Why you out here listening to Denkus?

Pokemon Trainer Tommy says:

shiny version of tapu koko promo was in a 3 pack celestial storm blister

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