Xerneas BREAK / Electrode GX vs Random Decks – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Azul’s Xerneas BREAK / Electrode GX deck vs Sceptile / Venasaur and Banette GX / Garbodor on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online. Is this deck a meme or real!? You decide!

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Caleb Doucet says:

I was the opponent in game 1. I had the rare candy in hand the turn that bulbasaur was knocked out and got the venusaur right after. Thanks for the game!

Tanish Sachdeva says:

I would have played rayquaza GX at worlds.

Ying Moua says:

Voice crack

Taf Toc says:

its cool that you now say “hello!” to your fans on ptcgo : )

Lukas Penner says:

What do think about zoraork gx/macargo Andrew?

Yul Gweon says:

Cool deck idea!!!!

Pokgi-World says:

y not MN, man no love for MN

Bram DX says:

Nice video! 🙂

Revolutionaire Rebel says:

my new fav deck is expanded hippopotas electrode <3 time for memes

Zach Swartz says:

What do you think about Electrode-Naganadel? You explode 1 or 2 electrodes while supplying basic non-GX’s with energy (I like Celesteela, but any strong basic should work). You then use Naganadel’s GX attack to put both players at 3 prizes. Then just finish off the game with your non-GX basics.

Hunter Thorne says:

I like these fun little decks!

Elan Gorham Siegler says:

You’re still having frame rate issues. Nice video though

Marshmelloww says:

Why did you change your name from deriums competitive pokemon

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Hey mahone! Is rayquaza GX is better or rayquaza GX garb is better for worlds??

james oconnor says:

Mahone I would have bumped the lele
Because that meant if he had guzma choice
Band he wouldn’t win

j 1 says:

frame rate seems kinda low recently in yer ptcgo recordings. the stream didnt seem bad. and this one seems better than the last few but it still kinda framey. wasnt gonna say anything cause kinda figured it was gonna work itself out.

UnRealisticFezant says:

Try playing Shiftry. I once played a really risky play, I played a Pinsir rouge against Mr.Mime GX,where all my attackers hit for even numbers. Roof Fling really saved me.(I did not play choice band and I won)

NDogg15 says:

So, this deck definitely needs Blowers…

Doctor Pokemon says:


Dracrek says:

You should do post rotation Bulu and/or Gardevoir VS Rayquaza!

M A S S I V E L I A M H E R E says:

Inching closer and closer to 40k subs!

Ryan Ondersma says:

Can you do a deck list or send a link?

Adam McDonald says:

When I saw I was playing you yesterday, I prayed you weren’t recording!! Lol. Thanks for not posting the vid of you kicking my Ultra Necrozma butt! Love your stuff Andrew!

schlinky pbr says:

Where is pokecon?

Katherine Brossett says:

For those wondering about pokecon it’s an alright event for new players

Number Six says:

That was like watching a slap fight! I like these though; seems a lot more strategic.

StarkMaximum says:

I’m so excited to be visited by the Electrode Fairy.

Wilson Xie says:


lego Fry says:


AlexCoronaPhoto says:

No wonder Wally got banned. This electrode would wreck havok in expanded.

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