Xurkitree GX / Electrode VS Random Decks – Pokemon TCG Online Game Play

Andrew Mahone plays Xurkitree GX / Electrode VS Tapu Bulu GX / Vikavolt and Buzzwole GX / Carbink BREAK in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online game play video. Can Xurkitree be more than a meme? Watch and find out!

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Isaac Omlor says:

@Andrew where is the best place to send you a deck list that I would want you to try out on the channel?

Matt Gregg says:

Please try out the Alohan Golem

rachelsPotassium says:

at 16:43 we see rare footage of andrew actually reading

Manuel Trujillo says:

I would have used lighting GX turn 1 against the buzwole deck when they only had 1 card in hand, the 1 card they were holding in hand was probably a Draw supporter

Adam says:

Xurkitree electrode?!? Pogchamp!

Gala Detrick says:

Hey Andrew huge fan can you make a duskmane necrozma deck with solgaleo prison in it

Znore's Pokemon says:

“Buzzapdbois” I see what u did there

Alex Edes says:

You find any eggs?

Richie Rich says:


Taylor Marzuco says:

Alright #Mahomies, the goal is to now track down this opponent and ask why he is using the Resource Management. Mahomies Go!

Patrick Hand says:


aidenboss74 says:


mp29940 says:

Counter catcher?

Spectre Ragu says:


Ben Dobberstein says:

Hi Mahone, I was your first opponent. Just wanted to say if you Lighting Gx’d thst first turn it would’ve been much more sketch for me. Good game though I’m sad that I didn’t realize it was you at first

Kelvin Corp says:

Lets see how this deck works

Tanish Sachdeva says:

I love this deck and credit goes to you

json klimz says:

maybe the multi switch works with eletrode that would be sick

ashiqur rahman says:

Happy Easter. #mahomies

NeoWeo says:

Is Natalie part of the competitive crew

tablemon says:

Thanks for featuring my deck Andrew! It’s for a TCG PokeDECKS series where I’m trying to ‘fill the Pokedex with decks’, so these are decks made to be more fun and used vs other non meta decks, not the ladder 😛

Here are more episodes for those interested: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL77tth3SwSaRZJ2Ts8O3fu0fKBZtfPP0-


Why Mew-EX over FCO Mew?

Znore's Pokemon says:

Xuketree ew….

J Clark says:

I played a lightning deck at Collinsville. Finished 5-3-1 with it. Its a koko gx deck. 4 koko 2 xurkitree and a jolteon. Fury belt plus aether makes a bulky xurkitree and koko. Does well against zoropod and almost auto win to zororoc. Has trouble with buzzwole though but its not unwinnable.

ArtyFarts says:

Do a deck with venasaur and shining genesect because it’s giga blaster is so op with the jungle totem ability

Poke' Apocalypse says:

This deck looks silly, like a good fun silly, little more practice here and there, I could see this being pretty good! D:
You give me so many deck ideas which I appreciate, I’m terrible at trying to come up with stuff on my own.

Ash - Ishaan says:

I think this deck is pretty good.
But I think you need more practice with it.

Encrypted Gaming says:

Hi Andrew love your deck

cochiselol1232 says:

This deck lacks direction IMO

Gamer Evolved says:

Deck is suppose to be fun non meta deck to play against viewers :). Thats probably why Pablo did not have a Lele in the list. Cheers!

J Clark says:

Need ninja boy in there

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