Zoroark GX / Decidueye GX – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Zoroark GX / Decidueye GX in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online gameplay video.

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MaleficSheep says:

So good sir, what do you think is worth trading away before it drops in relevance?
And what might be good to get before it gets more expensive?

Chris Cassells says:


Euler Machado says:

Soon Delcidueye Ninetales!!!

Derek Theiss says:

I’m so excited for the pre release!! 🙂

Jamesta James says:

Thanks for all that you do 🙂

Alfredo S.C says:

18:05 u can retreat the decidueye and kill the sylveon with zoroark + choice ….

Jamesta James says:

The thing is, at 31:10, you said it won’t be valid, but it’s seeing play with the new Ninetales GX.

MazterP28 says:

You need ninetales in that deck with decideye. Alolan ninetales works with.him..then when fairy.alolan ninetales is legal. Use that instead

TheBoomBoy07 says:

Here is a decklist for my Alolan Ninetales/Sylveon deck with Mimikyu HX teched for lost thunder format. LOT means lost thunder and CES is celestial storm. If anyone wants to rate it in a reply I would Be very appreciative.
4 alolan vulpix GRI
4 alolan Ninetales GX LOT
3 evee SUM
3 Sylveon GX GRI
2 tapu lele GX GRI
2 Mimikyu GX LOT
1 Xerneas GX
2 copycat CES
2 Diantha FLI
4 cynthia UPR
4 Lillie
4 fairy charm
4 ultra ball
2 field blower
1 energy recycler
2 choice band
2 enhanced hammer

8 fairy energy

Chillz2 says:


Tanish Sachdeva says:

Hey mahone. Just changed my picture. I love decidueye

Chris George says:

I hate Sylveon stall decks. Every time I see one of PTCGO, QUIT. I don’t have the time of day for that BS.

Phillip Abeita says:

Only panzies play sylveon

pin head says:


Kero Gaming says:

Do you think Gardevoir Zoroark is still viable?

Filip the yellow orange says:

Deck list?

Turner Welborn says:

love this deck. unfortunately its not in a great spot right now and its about to get DUMPSTERED by Blacephalon

J D says:

Woop new Tricky Gym vid!

Rodney Morin says:

Thank you Mahoney for showcasing my boy decidueye! Finally lol

TheHero 2550 says:

A bad idea for a lt deck. Meganium, vikavolt, and typhlosion. Meganium for fast evolution, vikavolt for energy accelleration, and typhlosion for a primary atkr. All are stage 2’s tho so, possible brick issues. Typhlosion can use its ability to atk despite no fire energy, and grass/elec energy allow vika and meganium to atk. Thoughts or suggestions?

Eric French says:

Decidueye’s last stand.

Nico Barraza says:

yewwwww Decidueye

Dem0nicrelic says:

Actually I think you wouldve had the win against slyveon. You conceded because he could chain the lusamine acerola BUT acerola puts the sylveon into his hand so he cant energy evolution anymore. Just kill the eevees then.

TheBoomBoy07 says:

Hey Andrew. In about 15hours I am going to comment a decklist that I absolutely love. Would you be able to take a look and rate it? It is a fairy Alolan Ninetales GX/Sylveon GX with Mimikyu GX teched. If you cannot it doesn’t matter but I would appreciate it massively. If it takes you a while to get back yet again it does not matter. Time zones are stupid like that. Its midnight here but its probably like 8 in the morning for you. Stay awesome Andrew and we will never stop supporting you

mp29940 says:

Couldnt you counter sylveon with resource management oranguru?

Brandon Smith says:

Do you think when lost thunder comes out we may see some synergy with blacephalon gx and alolan muk gx? Always enjoyed alolan muk for some reason but have yet to find a viable deck list.

NDogg15 says:

I hate Sylveon so much.

james oconnor says:

Andrew you said you could stream
Full grip games tournaments could
You stream the pre release

Alex McCorkindale says:

Doesn’t seem like this deck plays enough energy? I remember playing 4 DCE, 5 Grass and 1 super boost

Brian Ortega says:

Hi Andrew!! With the lost thunder set, how do you think rayquaza will do?? I was thinking in maybe finding space for 1 or 2 Zeraora, because of the free retreat and his busted gx attack. What do you think?

TheBoomBoy07 says:


Dave-O da 3rd says:

Morning Andrew

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