Zoroark GX / Golisopod GX Mirror Match – Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Gameplay video

Andrew Mahone plays Zoroark GX / Golisopod GX vs Zororark GX / Golisopod in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online gameplay video.

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Slotholopolis To you says:

Nice vid as usual. Hope you enjoy your vacation

Cole Weget says:

At 4:27 would using mallow for a DCE and enhanced hammer be better. You could have knocked out the Latios and then got rid of the DCE on the golisopod and then retreated the Lele with float stone

_ FM_ says:

Try Zoroark/Glaceon and play an Espeon-GX as a tech.

Matt Gregg says:

Love playing Zoroark, always feels like I’m putting in work to get W’s and love the consistency.

iTaZe says:

awesome video

Awesome Guys says:

Make more ptcgo turnament gameplay! I love them…

Vektor GD says:

You must parallell yourself

Riley Hulbert says:

I think some of the early turns were a bit too aggro- you could’ve Mallowed earlier and hit some more Zoroarks to allow for more draw and then naturally drawn into the crossing cut combo later

rosee byrne says:


DJones1048 says:

That one turn where you basically had to bridgette for one basic under parallel is what killed this game for you. It was just such an awkward situation.

Tyler Kwong says:

I find that baby Golisopod is perhaps just as good as the GX one. It has an essential HP of 160 and with [GCC] it hits 150 before choice band and Kukui. Because of puzzles of time, if one fails to KO this baby, it simply stands there to hit 200 for two rounds (and give up one prize…).

shanes says:

I think that evolving the damaged zorua was a mistake since not only you gave 2 prizes to your opponent, but also lost a Zoroark so your opponent was hitting better hands overall.

Richie Rich says:


Euler Machado says:

Nice mirror match!!

Shawn Henaman says:

Zoropod is my favorite deck.

Matt Frittos says:

Do you know what you’re going to pick for worlds like are you leaning towards buzzwole or something else?



Matt Whitehorse says:

Would’ve definitely used the mallow instead of acerola. I think that was a mistake when you could’ve got cards you need outta your deck.

Pham Fam says:

Can you play Zygarde GX/ Zoroark GX

Yugioh Legend says:

Good luck Mahone at Worlds! I truly believe you can do well! With your knowledge of the game and the meta overall and how to counter it, you have a great chance at topping man.

rosee byrne says:


Sgt.Hellknight says:

Versager, LVL dich erst mal hoch und spiel mit deinen eigenen Karten, und lass dir nicht andauernd die besten karten schenken.

Yul Gweon says:

Hey Andrew! What r your thoughts on Naganedel Stakataka

MazterP28 says:

Do u have a list of Golisipod. I love that card

Andeket Seven says:

Hey great video andrew kick butt at worlds like when you made Top 8

Brandon Mac says:

How on earth do we get shining legends on ptcgo?

Jose Carlos Gomez says:

At 9:35 you should’ve Mallow for DCE + Zoroark and KO the zorua on the bench with Armor Press.

No need to GX that early.

Matt Frittos says:

Can you build and play with some after rotation decks?

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