Zoroark GX / Golisopod GX vs Random Decks – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Zoroark GX / Golisopod GX vs random decks on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online in this PTCGO gameplay video. Can Mahone overcome the mighty Buzzroc in his final match? Watch and find out!

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PKMN Trainer Nate says:

In the first game you should have used koko to spread so you can KO the ultra necrozma in one hit

Lilith Demon-Godess says:

Still loving that intro! 🙂 Also what a comeback! How do you do it? Also Zoroark most OP card in the history are you sure Mahone…

pogcakes says:

Are you okay? You seemed really out of it in all 3 games.

Awesome Guys says:

Turnament PLZ!

Number Six says:

that was fun to watch.

Richie Rich says:



Its funny how far this deck has fallen lol RIP Golisopod

Mitchell Ellis says:

I never know why people love zorark I never draw what I need even with trade and its never a one shot deck

Aston Martin says:

Is this the list from Pokebeach? I don’t remember the list exactly, since I only glanced over it…

Captain Mallard says:

That was the greatest comeback I’ve ever seen

ConfuseRay005 says:

Can you do that metanite deck profile

Kamarul Adenan says:

I will download this game

Sweaty Ghetsis says:

Metagross man here. I love being an ass with the emotes but you can pinpoint the exact second where I realize “oh wait it’s Mahone. I look like a douche right now”. I tech some stun-y 1-ofs usually to fetch off the Algorithm when it happens, i think in this build it was just a 1-of E-Hammer and 1-of Parallel. Fun game! I was mostly laughing at how awkward my N’d hands were.

Poker Jedi says:

WOW!! Way to run it back in the last game!!

Clashemon says:

Can’t wait to see you at Nats tomorrow! (If your going)

Lumi Asagi says:

more schweatygross

skylon bellows says:

Hey Mahone, hope you have a good record at internats. I’ll be going for a good record too, but I’m not in your division, so it’s just a friendly wish of good luck.

Maniac 233 says:

I was the buzzwole player at the end, that n just killed me. Octillery and energy is all I got

Andeket Seven says:

GO Golisopod Keep up the vids. Hope u had a great 4th of July

randomz_person 10000 says:


ItsLucario YT says:

Can we trade?

Axe says:

That Nooooooooooo was perfect hahaha loved it!!!

Jaromir Bracki says:

I believe that this video’s title should be slightly changed, slash instead of first “vs”. 🙂

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