Zoroark GX / Lycanroc GX – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Zoroark GX / Lycanroc GX on Pokémon Trading Card Game Online in this PTCGO gameplay video.

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Clinton Matos says:

Today, at a league cup down here in South Africa, several players were shouting “busted”, “yikes” etc just like Mahone does.

Nights1024 says:

I love drawing a lot of cards and zoroark has my favorite artwork so I love the deck haha

Electrik Tacos says:

Love the video brotha, though matchups though

Moni Bajwa says:

VikaRay is just too powerful, it’s faster than Buzzwole and hits harder than Malamar.

Void In A Suit says:

Gg, vikaray is just the best

Nova1080 says:

I’m not convinced Diance and Koko are right for this particular deck.

flame bysis says:

I want a zorua to build that deck

afx38 says:

Great content, ptcgo is real hit or miss on opponents

Dustin Lloyd says:

Sorry you lost, but also glad to get another chance at a sweet GX token.

Brian Sciarratta says:

Totally with you not down with zoro in this meta. It did wreck me last week when they hit the nuts on every draw turn 1 and I stormy winds away 2 recycler and prize 4 energy. No chance to win against them

Ryan Prusak says:

ZoroRoc is my favorite <3 led me to top64 at madison last year and a top16 of a 100 player cup this year. I dont play much, but when i do, it's usually zororoc. Would love to win the gx marker 🙂 , and keep rocking with zoroark decks, they are busted

Phillip Abeita says:

Zororock is a really good deck, i think you just play what you’re most comfortable playing, for me it’s ho-oh/salazzle and malamar/necrozma, keep up the good work, i love your content!

Stupid Name47 says:

Nice vid

saint14 osiris says:

Zoroark/lycanroc is okay. I dont like zoroark playing or watching it could you look at Ultra Necrozma GX / Malamar again please

Johnny Vu says:

I played against a few Zoroark Lycanroc decks at Memphis with my Zoroark Shiftry deck. Definitely my best matchup

Jonathan Llewellyn says:

Great video! On the same page with you about VikaRay. Definitely my favorite deck.

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Hey mahone I love this deck a lot. But I think it needs a lot to conquer vikaray with this deck. Nice deck .

Aiden Muraca says:

Dang, so close

RareCandyMan says:

Great video as usual! My current go to is Zoro/Goli, but I would like to try the Lycanroc version.

revandesigns says:

Could you post your decklist for this? Thanks

Light that Burns the Sky says:

ZoroRoc stomps VikaRay when you chase down Grubbins early game, then Judge them every turn. 🙂

Tim Albrecht says:

Bro Zoroark sucks. Keep up all the good work.

Allen Zuniga says:

Zoropod is the superior version lol

Doge Biscuit says:

I love zororoc! Sorry that its not your cup of tea. This archetype has gotten me a few top finishes

Great gameplay as usual my friend.

Also, putting in my request for the dope GX counter ^_^

panupong homsapaya says:

man no wonder why Zoroark gx with lyconroc gx is bad now its hard to get them energy’s when you trade
i mean you have a lot of trade losing Brigitte puzzles strong energy’s its not the same anymore i mean its fast but not fast enough
its a good thing im play tapu bulu vikavolt again and i tech in one card against zoroark hope to get that GX marker!

yael espinal says:

Good video good times

Nolan Stevenson says:

I’ve had bad luck despite the 12 ball cards as well.

Robb Anderson says:

Chalk one more up for VikaRay – anything you’d change in your list after Memphis?

angela donn says:

I feel the same way about Zoroark, I only like to play it with exeggcute so it makes the trade decision easy. Thanks for all the videos, I am excited there is going to more content!

Cristian's Competitive Pokemon says:

I think the Zoroark/Lycanroc deck is alright, but it’s been struggling since the rotation.

Eric McClung says:

would like to see a video of Zoroark / Buzzwole that’s my fav deck at the moment built around 2 Zoroark, 3 baby Buzz, 2 Buzz GX. the GX counter is rad!

Dalton Kittle says:

I want to see Mahone play Wishiwashi GX again!!

John James Neria says:

Zoroark/Lycanroc is my favorite deck! Ptcgo sucks, draws are definitely not like that irl

Captn- Happy says:

I like playing Zoroark Lycanroc so much I’m playing one with baby lycanroc and magcargo and the deck is great In general

Seth Ayriss says:

I’ve always wanted to play a zoroark deck, but I’m just in my own corner playing Noivern Gx…

jamesoc777 says:

I can feel the negativity seeping out of this video. Zoroark is amazing if you know how to play it.

A Google User says:

Zoro-Roc still a very solid competitor. I do feel like it will move towards buzz-roc as the better lycanroc deck of choice though.

ShikairuNara says:

So I play Zororoc quite a bit. But I play more consistant counts. No multiswitch, lower great ball count lower lille count add 1-1 magcargo and 1-1 weavile. Both either allow you to pull exactly what you need off trades or hit ability based decks like vika builds, malamar, lycanroc, and most decks play lele as well so weavile gets dangerous. I replace fighting with the unit f/d/fairy energy 4 of since it counts as fighting and dark. This gives access to trickster gx and weavile, also gives access to fairy lele to move damage counters if you choose to play it. I also tech in 1 energy lotto for turns I need to find energy, but it is a cutable card. Hope you revisit Zororoc in the future, it has bad matchups but they are few and far in between and must of the time it has ways of turning the tide in one key turn.

Furfrou Fanatic says:

I won a League cup today with Vika/Ray!

Matt Ragsdale says:

I think this deck is v temperamental. Nice Max damage on the Rayquaza though

Michael Quist says:

Wouldn’t have to worry about missing energy if you had “Guzma-ed” the Ray and then energy switched your DCE on Zoro to the Lycanroc ;D Thanks for the video! Been a lot of ZoroRoc fatigue from most of the youtubers these last few months, and I just love Lycanroc!
Keep it up!

Cory Taylor says:

Seagrove is testing a crazy solgaleo dragons deck with Lance prism and Dragonite gx with baby salamence

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