Zoroark GX / Weaville vs Golisopod GX / Garbodor – Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

Andrew Mahone and Riley Hulbert play Zoroark GX / Weaville vs Golisopod GX / Garbodor on Pokemon TCG Online in this gameplay video.

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Nolan Mercer says:

Legit just built my own version, and the match up against Buzzwole isn’t completely terrible if you let them set up Diancie/Regirock/Octillery etc. You risk them knocking out Zoroarks early, but I run Counter Energy in my list, along with Koko, Mewtwo and Mew EX. Counter Energy on a Mew EX against a Buzzwole that’s taken out a Zoroark or Zorua. Pretty spicy.

brett maurer says:

What do you think will be the top Trainers post rotation?

Kyle Goguen says:


Brian Sciarratta says:

Oh yeah got munner in the house! The band is back together

Zachery Washington says:

Your channel initials are: MTG. Idk if youre a dedicated trainer Mahone haha.

Chris Hansen says:

mahone bringing the big brain decks

Richie Rich says:


BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india says:

to be honest, N’ing a pretty much full bench of zoroark is pointless lol. sure itll slow em down. but gonna get 4-6 cards back regardless.

Javier marrero jr says:

I love this deck. I think it needs mime tho. Buzzwole just destroys this. Lol

Patrick Tierney says:

What 3 cards can I add if I have 2 Lele 2 Brigette and no Mew EX? Aside from those themselves, obviously lol

Staticserenade5 says:

Do you see Zoroark becoming a replacement for for octillery in buzzwole decks after the standard rotates ? Also I am playing around with buzzwole / zygarde gx and it’s working really well. Especially with beast ring and a few dce’s

TheGaming Zoroark says:

Anyone know if I should

1. Take out my 1 copy of rescue stretcher and play a copy of special charge
2. My first question the other way around
3. Cut my guzma line from 2 to 1 and add a special charge and stretcher

In my expanded zoroark weavile deck

sharifanta says:

Best channel dude

GreninjaSexParty says:

Your opponent was… not very good.

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Hey mahone. Very nice video. I am so curious about the deck that you will play at Madison. I want to meet you so badly!

Cristian Juarez says:

The lighting on Riley’s hair makes him look a lot older than he is.

Poke' Apocalypse says:

Zoroark I feel is gonna be one a great meta deck for a long time to come, its just gonna keep getting paired up with other cards in my eyes.

Megaman says:

Its been interesting to throw in a spinda with teeter punch to buy urself a lil time for playing malamar. Also if it gets knocked out, u can get an additional psychic energy in the discard

superextremelaser says:

pidgeot ex? ooh i totally wanna see that

MineKnightus says:


Lilith Demon-Godess says:

RILEY! There he is <3 Great vid Mahone. Not the best opponent here but I got to see Riley 🙂

Tallen Mcgill says:


Riley Hulbert says:


Mystic 64 says:

Mahone, my dad came back from France the other day and got me a French Ultra Prism pack and guess what I got, SKATEBOARD ÉVASION(French Escape Board)

monkey apple says:

Guys what counters the N card, it really messed everything up as I use sylveon and talonflame from the start

Craig Face says:

Here I am stuck working at construction site a block from the convention center right now. Oh well, off tomorrow

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