Zygarde GX / Lycanroc GX vs Meta Decks – Pokemon TCG Gameplay

Andrew Mahone plays Zygarde GX vs Ultra Necrozma GX / Malamar and Buzzwole GX / Lycanroc GX in this Pokemon Trading Card Game Online gameplay video. Can Andrew topple these meta game staples with the rogue Zygarde GX? Watch and find out!

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sToopiD TaRgeT says:

Would you recommend the new Zygarde GX? I like it a lot more than this one, but the only good attack is the GX

mp29940 says:

Word up tricksters

Mimikyu Militia says:

Blondes have more fun… except when they play Zygarde !

The Bongie Cord says:

* 4 Type: Null UPR 115
* 4 Silvally-GX CIN 90
* 3 Vikavolt SUM 52
* 3 Grubbin SUM 13
* 2 Tapu Lele-GX GRI 60
* 1 Oranguru UPR 114
* 4 Cynthia UPR 119
* 3 Guzma BUS 115
* 2 N NVI 92
* 4 Rare Candy SUM 129
* 4 Ultra Ball DEX 102
* 2 Float Stone BKT 137
* 2 Fighting Memory CIN 94
* 2 Psychic Memory CIN 98
* 1 Electric Memory UPR 121
* 1 Fire Memory UPR 123
* 1 Super Rod BKT 149
* 1 Rescue Stretcher GRI 130
* 1 Energy Recycler AOR 72
* 2 Field Blower GRI 125
* 1 Brigette BKT 134
* 6 Grass Energy SUM 164
* 6 Lightning Energy SUM 167

Alex McCorkindale says:

In the second game I feel like you talked yourself out of using Verdict GX which I think was the correct play

Riley Hulbert says:

Watching this deck dead draw and get pounded into the ground hurt me on a deep level. #sadmahomies

Joe Lea says:

Verdict gx seems bad here* then gets 1 shot by necrozma next turn when his gx move would have kept him alive lol Mahoney you a scrub

mp29940 says:

You should have blood thirsty eyes on the UN.

Andrew Bellavie says:

How busted is beast ring?

Ash - Ishaan says:

Nice vid!

Faifan123 says:

You kind of remind me of Anthony Fantano

Irontrooper219 says:

Hey mahone can u play more space lion

janice tyson says:

I like your videos and i subscribed

Caíque Zambom says:

Hey man! Just started playing pokemon after such a long time! Can you give me some tips on wich deck should I build for the 2019 rotation? Like, wich deck has the most card that will still be playable, and stuff like that. Thanks! Keep up the good work!

George M. says:

I would take out Koko for a baby Buzzwole. That’s what I have for my Zygarde deck.

Euler Machado says:

Mahone, you’re great!

janice tyson says:

Shadowmew21 is my pokemon tcg online name

janice tyson says:

I got a palkia deck just strating if anybody want to tell me what they think about it just add me my name is Shadowmew21

Grilldefons Garcia says:

Zygarde top? What!

Alif Masron says:

Yes, it top 8 in Malaysia Regionals and Singapore SPE!

zentirami9382 says:

I’ve been play zygarde GX and have not had much of an issue with it

Brian Sciarratta says:

That is the hard part of zygarde gx. You literally have to be set up for your gx attack by turn 2 or its behind. If you can do that, the Bonnie over and over it’s a blast

icebear 58 says:

andrew your list is drastically differents from klives

Christian Simmons says:

Hey mahone would you like a full art Bonnie?(online)

The Dude says:

Fudge! This shit was rough!

Christopher Tillery says:

Can we get a thoughts video on the Celestial Storm new cards?

Matt Gregg says:

Scorched Earth is pretty good with Zygarde GX

Richie Rich says:


Mount Mount says:

I think the 2nd game you were just too focused on utilizing the lycanroca gx and then use Bonnie for zygardes which is what I believe ultimately lost you that game. You also should have targeted the U.Nekrozma instead of the malamar since that was his only Pokemon that could theoretically do unoff dmg to k.o zygarde.

Joe Allen says:

I have been playing zygarde and been doing pretty well. The draw support is bad but you need to gx attack all the time to get the win. Othewrwise i like the deck, the baby koko is a good idea

Jude Simon Caparroso says:

List on this please.

NYC Rock says:


PokemonTCG Lover says:

Its Klive Aw from Singapore…got 2nd in Malaysia Regionals

The Dude says:

New haircut bro!

Isaac M says:

Wwwwwwhats up everybody

Kyle Goguen says:

Time to bust open some spreadsheets to this

BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india says:

this deck seems very frustrating to play and set up. maybe thats why i find this deck easy to beat.

KashMann27 says:

Yup Klive’s been doing well with Zygarde here in Singapore, got my butt handed to me by him 2 days in a row a few weeks ago but his list doesn’t play Bonnie.

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