A Brief Overview of Trading Card Games

Blog post about card game mindset: http://kohdokstoyreviews.blogspot.com/2013/01/why-tcgs-as-toys-is-destroying-industry.html

Blog Post about Developing a Card Game: http://kohdokstoyreviews.blogspot.com/2013/01/trading-card-games-part-2-design-and.html

And now for a brief overview of trading card games. Despite the fact that hundreds of TCGs have been made, it’s fairly easy to narrow it down to just three types…


Juliette Stroesser says:

Whats your Favirote Tcg

Braden Woods says:

Many of them PATER out or PETER out less than two years after their inception?

TheCosmicHand says:

I’ve created the basic foundation of my trading card game. Two core decks almost fully planned out, the core mechanics and rules are done, a concept playing field is drawn out. The only reason I’m withholding information is I have no idea how to protect my content and properly put it all on display.

My main end goal is to compete directly with Magic: The Gathering, while avoiding the issues both Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh have or are suffering from.

Gavin Wadsworth says:

Hey Kohdok, I just discovered your channel, and I think it’s pretty cool. I’ve watched a dozen or so of your videos, including several of the lengthy reviews. I think this is my favorite so far, though. I like the history and breakdown of the major TCGs, and I learned a lot. I wouldn’t mind seeing some more stuff like this, actually. Keep it up, man!

Braden Woods says:

That 2-Player Battle Box for Kaijudo had no Grand Gure, Tower Keeper.

Southern Bum says:

actually Wizards of the Coast sued Nintendo over the Pokemon TCG stealing basic gameplay from MTG.

Braden Woods says:

Take in mind that Kaijudo has been around less than two years. Just give it some time.

Jack Tracy says:

Hello ninja of the sand

trent Nijenhuis says:


Yinyanyeow says:

How’s the third part of the trading card game text going? I have read the first two and have been growing curious of the next part.

Brandon Vaughan says:

Sadly Kaijudo is dying out as a paper TCG after 2 years :/ 

Braden Woods says:


billy gorman says:

magic is the best game it is made of older people yugioh is made for 7 and up pokemon is made for 10 and up but magic is for 13 and up and when i play at a big event i do not what to see little brats run all over. magic is better a the store i play at the av age of a play is 15 —> 29 no little kids

Ruben VW says:

You didn’t give me enough time to go to the store and buy that pack of cards. By the time I got back, the video was already over. 🙁

Malik Mohamed says:

for huntik I think they could have made some collectors amulets

Channel Infinity says:

I thoroughly enjoyed this video on TCG’s and hope that you might consider doing a history of TCG, you know, a rise, the fall, and the return? Anyways, I thought I might try and see if you would do a review on a game called Dragon Dice. Yes that game is an old one, but since SFR Inc. now owns the product and all its properties, the game has been restructured and new dice added to the game.

Onion says:

R.I.P. Naruto tcg

Rabeea Al Mulla says:

I really loved chaotic 3 sadly it wasnt selling cards in my area

Kae bot Buya says:

try infinity wars best card trading card ever

bonjour_01 says:

Watch This Video Also Made By Kohdok about Trading Cards.

Kenney lu says:


godofzombi says:

Nice short overview. (If you had to go into all the ccg’s that came out during the big boom in the 90’s, then…) I see you have the old netrunner ccg up on a shelf in the background. Do you play android netrunner (the version fantasy flight puts out)?

MrJamieb18 says:

America doesn’t know how lucky it is, take that display at 1:02 and cut it into 8 parts, 1/8 of that display is what I’m lucky to find at stores and when I do they’re usually stores that are at least multiple buses or train and buses away from me and usually only include TCG’s that I don’t play

Graham Goodwin says:

subscribed 😀 just wondering, do you have any magi nation cards for sale?

Jamie no says:

the 3 most popular card game where i live in north America are kaijudo Pokemon and yu-gi-oh and a lot of people play all 3 like me!

Drinker of dairy says:

I really liked chaotic. 🙁

Tommy Omotoso says:

Omg he’s from naruto

Yi Long Zhong says:

I like Vanguard

banana says:

have you ever considered the even smaller, homemade TCG’s? these are games made by less successful, yet extremely creative people, like chaos galaxy and mine, world of ancients.

ryans channel says:

litteraly hundreds? bro id say almost 100thousand..


magic and yugioh are to me almost the same

Brandon Lin says:


Super Man says:

dude you need to take of the naruto hat you look like a freak with a fat cheek

231koolaid says:


Rabeea Al Mulla says:

Now tcgs are only played online 🙁

InFamous Ed says:

Fortunately Chaotic fell into the first category he talked about, the show showing the actual card game being played. But what led to its demise was a lawsuit between 4Kids, Chaotic and Spinmasters, cancelling the cartoon tie-in and the card game. If that lawsuit didn’t happened I would guarantee Chaotic would be as popular as say Magic the Gathering today

Garrett Szilard says:

Thank you, this video has been informative. I am in the early stages of developing my own TCG. I have most of the external aspects already planned. I have some clear goals and one is to directly compete with the big three (Magic, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh). I have some dynamic dreaming going on if you catch my drift. ; )

UnofficialUchiha says:


Nacho's Stories says:

Go sand village

Antonio Garcia says:

could you talk a bit about chaotic?

Rigbone [SW] says:

Could you possibly do a review on battle spirits?

Super Man says:

how old is your as

Semiotichazey says:

If you’re going to talk about TCGs in terms of marketing (instead of mechanics), you should mention LCGs by companies like Fantasy Flight.  They have a very different business model, and a few of them are really catching on.  Netrunner, in particular, is in the process of going huge.  What about weird hybrids like the Marvel Dicemaster game, where each booster pack comes with two cards and two (corresponding) dice?  I’d personally be more interested in seeing a classification of game mechanics than marketing strategies (which still makes the Marvel game worth mentioning, FWIW).

MiiTRI says:

I used to dream of making my own cardgame as a kid. There were some cool ideas like these 3 cards based on the horsemen of death that would just weaken and disable your opponent.

Chris Rogers says:

L5R just got picked up by Fantasy Flight Games and they’re turning it into a LCG. I’m excited because I had an old starter deck but never got to play it much.

Martin R. says:

you may not know but in my country(Chile) there is a tcg called mitos y leyendas that was a huge hit, and still is played by most. there was an english language realease too i think..

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