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Jaydev Das says:

You should make more videos of bakugan


Ian Albright says:

You have me interested in playing and collecting

pokemon johto master trainer 27 says:

And i also like pokemon

Leonhart says:

*Thanks for watching! Don’t worry Bakugan isn’t replacing Pokemon; I just like exploring other TCG that I think y’all would enjoy. I have BIG Pokemon card openings coming up starting tomorrow!*

pokemon johto master trainer 27 says:

And awesome video bakugan the new series on cartoon network is so cool and awesome

Dinoman 1347 says:

I want to see the tutorial because I love bakugan and I want to know how to play it

SniperBear Car says:

Who else got the ad

pokemon johto master trainer 27 says:

Leon i got a bakugan toy today it comes with a card And little coins

Blazing Ember says:

as a fan of the original show and game (Invested in the big Dragonoid mech thing) i enjoyed this.

Blue-eyes Channel says:

gonna be uploading content of me doing an unboxing of the arena and a starter set. lets make this game hyped! lol

That1Weaboo532 says:

Hey i have a serpenteze Ultra! Can you show us how to play the tcg?

Grandmas Meatballs says:

I want more of these for sure

fam Zulauf says:

Plz do more

Алла Попова says:

Я Русский ёпта

MingTube says:

good video, nice card opening

Magimagi Magi says:

roll the limited edition bakugan on a bakucore

MagikarpMayhem says:

Love you man, but stick to pokemon!

Zosh says:

Leonhart: *Bakugan Elite is VERY VERY VERY rare*

Also Leonhart: I actually pulled out 2 of those

BlastRadiusize says:

Hey guys, I got a question. What does it mean when you have to “retract a bakugan?” I have been wanting to add to my aquos deck, but I don’t know how cards like fixation and bubble net work. If you guys know, please help me out. Thanks!

Zosh says:

Is there booster box? Or only individual pack?

N.T.V. Oficial says:

When i used to play Bakugan,7years ago the către haved done power in the right.

Sean Laskevich says:

Woohoo 600th like

Eric uzumaki says:

i love the game nice pulls

BallerWizard 901 says:

Ya hardcorllectors sons name is Ethan and he did very very good

Joann quick says:

This guy in is the biggest crook on YouTube, he prays on you people who buys into his house of lies, y’all donate money to his pokemon unboxing, he takes out all the good ones then resells the bull crap… Leonhart.. Pfffff. P Please

Lukas Brodérus says:

hi would u be interested in buying the old charizard ex like the really old 1?

Kavee ok says:

pls do more

J Usefa says:

It’s weird but that thumbnail honestly made me smile.

Ethan 757 says:

Can someone explain the new faction and what happened to subterra

Ryan Williams says:

I have a library of bakugan battle brawler cards call 6166554751 trying to sell

Jeniffer Rodriguez says:


isaacgame's says:

Bakugan is the best p.s. can I get pin

BandHead77 _ says:

But the box says the storage case was supposed to come with Dragonoid??

Mike Martinez says:

Ewww bakugon is gay. Might have to unsubscribe lol

MatinuvaAmino ENG says:

My deck: Pyrus and VENTUS
When you called Haos cards Ventus XD

M o says:

I can’t seem to find the game on google play store

Rilo Bricks says:

Please keep making these bakugan vids! Love them

Henry Anderson says:

So many memories! I had Maxus Helios and Dragonoid Colossus!


Love the new Bakugan game! Didn’t know it was coming out until I watched this video, went out and purchased quite a bit to get started! Still learning how to play but you should definitely do a tutorial video!

Kamenrider FaizWizard says:

I used to buy the toys but i played the most in the video games. It was fun.

Keyz SuperEffective! says:

Hey Leon I would love for you to do more of these videos

Dark King says:


Z ilvally says:

Yeah Bakugan is Back!
My favorite Bakukans are
Haous Siege
Haous Bronzes
Haous Centipoid

Cody Gillespie says:


Quanesha Dean says:

I quandarius will like to battle you in bakugan battle planet

Spec7er says:

Show us the limited edition draganoid opened up

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