Base Set Returns! – Pokémon TCG Evolutions Review

Nintendo fans, unite!►

Guess who’s back. Back again. Base set’s back. Tell a friend.

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jose garcia says:

volcanion is a water type even when he has a fire like name

ThatGuy says:

lol that song is kind of awesome

The Suds says:

Gave me chills to hear that song again

Lord Haari says:

OH MY GOD THE PROF-IT THEME. JWittz, I missed it so much. I’ve been around since the beginning, and I’m so glad you’re at least interested in releasing new PTCG videos. I hardly play anymore, but you helped me get into it then, and I’d like to think I would enjoy getting back into it again if I had a little extra push. c:

the2kcrew says:

I saw evo mewtwo getting good usage at worlds

jacobblast says:

Definately want more prof-it!!!! The theme song is the best rapping on YouTube (hint hint more Pokémon raps)

DeafDog 3 says:

Where can I buy this set?

Cody Byrd says:

I gave you a like only because of the intro.

cadieux. says:

YouTube unsubscribed me from this channel, no wonder I’ve missed this video!

DynomiteDiamond says:


fireassassin123 says:

I remember opening my first pack from this set… I was super happy because I got an English print of the Imakuni? Trainer Card… I remember this silly card from the JWittz Imakuni? fact of the day video, and would make several joke decks based around it in the Pokémon TCG for GBC

Scott Moyers says:

Lol I had completely forgotten about that old intro until this video

Skankhunt42 says:

I got the evolution tcg charizard remake version


i wish retail stores sold energy boster packs. :/ where do you get them?!

Skankhunt42 says:

They’re more like collector cards than player cards

Lobo's Top 5 says:

So if you ran an old deck (Before the rule change) vs a new deck who would win? They changed the game because the older cards were so broken.

Actually Jwittz that would be an awesome video. Explaining how they banned the older sets in competitive play and how they would stack up today.

Toon The WindWanker says:

Did you just

RedgreengamerYT Minecraft says:

I hope they make a remake for fossil and jungle set


i still have my original base set wild fire moltres!

DynomiteDiamond says:


Luis Mota says:

I know every pokemon you know, plus

Ufukcan Gencoglu says:

Actually Electabuzz got a minor buff.XY Evolutions Electabuzz has -20 Metal resistance.

Billy Mays says:

I remembered the whole theme song from when Prof it was a thing and I almost screamed I was so happy!!

Areguil says:

Wait. Why is the new Machamp unplayable? I though it was a good card.

Nicholas Caldwell says:

Love the remake of the Base Set! I will get that for Christmas along with the Pokémon GO Plus and a Google Cardboard!

Paul Johnson says:

MORE TGC (please)

mini miner says:

I hade the original first edition machamp in my base set and I have a team rocket dark gayradose

Jonathan QuantumJG says:

As someone who has all the original Pokemon cards, these are ok, but I don’t like the new fonts. I might collect these after I finish my Generations collection.

Gaming Comics says:

are imakuni cards legal for play?

Melinda Greer says:

oh my god! I got goosebumps. That song! please do more tcg videos. 😀

Shiny Misty says:

AH! Memories came FLOODING back when the Prof-it theme played.

Cuauhtemoc Gonzales says:

just hearing that GB Pokemon TCG music is heaven to my ears. LOVE IT!!!!

RossDaPokemonBoss says:

The Reverse Effects in this set is what I miss, glad it’s back. (I started Pokemon in Diamond and Pearl)

DynomiteDiamond says:


RiceShake says:

These cards are goimg to be expensive next year

TSZ Productions says:

i own a hitmonchan holo

fawfulmark2 says:

Jwittz talking about the TCG again?

*YES!! YES!!! YES!!!*

Can we expect talk about the GX archetype once it come out next month?

MasterInkling says:


The Quarter Korean says:

My first ever pack I got of this set gave me a secret-rare full art Dragonite EX. Never been so dang lucky in my life.

Misha Ivanov says:

First time I’ve been so far up in the comments section, lol

Jean-Luc Canas says:

I packed out a revers holo Charizard from a random pack at dollar tree! 🙂

DynomiteDiamond says:

happy now?

DynomiteDiamond says:



I am loving the base set reboot!

Jacob says:

Hey, JWittz. I’ve been collecting Pokémon cards since 2008 or 2009. However, I’ve always been lost when people talk about the competitive metagame. Can you possibly do something to help people like me to learn the basics of the metagame?

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