BattleClaw Mattel Trading Card Game Review

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Here’s my review of Mattel’s new trading card game called BattleClaw! In Battle Claw, two players compete to capture Jinlins and use them to create Beasts to do battle! Mattel paid me to do this video!



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“Off to Osaka”, “Dispersion Relation”, “Hep Cats”
Kevin MacLeod (
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lukas203 says:

the part where you use the claw is completely and utterly idiotic.

Trent Jackson says:

Dude you haven’t reviewed the Masterpiece Transformer in your second PO box

SoulShiloh says:

This did not feel like jobby.

Yasu-Sama says:


Coolshots Video says:

can it swivel?

Victor Khor says:

POKEMON ripoff

Emmet Brickowski says:

T H E C A N C E R I S S P R E A D I N G…..

Roman Dalton says:

I love battle claw

Jared Hansen says:

Bakugan was better

Meg4tron says:

it was sponsored by mattel …… rightly did not say: fuck, piece of shit, put it in my ass. and there was no comparison of size *because the optimus prime is from hasbro*
I already understood everything xD

Chris Benson says:

The figures be neat. The card art is… eh. And the overall set up is a damn mess. How are kids supposed to play this seriously? Take the coolest part of a crane game which is the claw and take all the fun out of it, throw in some pokemon trading card game basics, mix in some bakugan, and leave to bake in the hot sun for an hour and this is what you got..

902100101 says:

Ok I gotta admit, this is pretty lame

Timmy Giles says:

you should replace swivel with sellout in your next vid “it has a sellout at the head a bend at the elbow and a sellout here”

Starguy 1o1 says:

Oh its Bakugaun but chineese

DaMasterFox! says:

Dear jobby
Yesterday I just went to VR chat room and put on a Godzilla model and went around molesting people and when I was close I yelled really loud
9 guys recognized it on 1 server
But In total 30 guys catched the thing

Sharkygamer says:

its your first card/board game review and you already nailed it. I especialy like how you, in the end of the video, did your usual godzilla smooch and ”hah” but instead of using godzilla you used one of the jinlins.

im crippled and i want to die says:

Who like bewbs do you like bewbs subscribe to jobby

Sergio Ponte says:

Dude i hate fucking Bakugan, but now that shit looks like a good game

Blue Tsunami says:

Lol are they fucking called JingLing 精靈 lol that means fucking fairy or elf

Darryl Siu says:

how dare u review something without swivels

Donald Witt says:

Why does it feel like the Jinlins themselves could have been better designed?
I mean, it’s alright that they’re animal statuettes in various colors, but couldn’t they have had some sort of actual combining gimmick?
Really they’re just being used as Tokens otherwise, so why bother with buying these Keshi-mon?

hiway7 says:

Hail Satan.

jamezfat : the blue sphere guy says:

this has nothing on bakugan

Gabe Trap says:

You look like mark from “a better tommorow” •-•

Tanner Sula says:

The most family friendly Jobby video ever

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